Men's Sheds

Hume Men’s Sheds

Men’s Sheds are community-based organisations that are accessible to men and in some cases women, through membership.

Men’s Sheds provide community programs that are designed for men, with health and wellbeing as the main aim. The programs enable men to gain information about their health, to reconnect with others and to socialise. Common activities include large workshop projects such as repairing, and refurbishing toys for schools, cooking, landscaping, and fundraising activities such as community sausage sizzles. 

Council’s Role

Council plays a significant role in supporting Men’s Sheds. The Hume Men’s Shed Policy explains Council’s role and responsibilities in relation to the existing and future Men’s Sheds in Hume.

Council supports the development and operation of the Men’s Sheds and views Men’s Sheds as an important community resource that promotes social connection whilst improving health and wellbeing. Council facilitates the allocation of resources, programs and facilities while maintaining relations with existing Men’s Sheds and provides resources to improve infrastructure while supporting leadership, governance and capacity building of community members.

What is the Men’s Shed Tool Kit?

The Men’s Shed Tool Kit is an online resource. It was developed to make it easier for Men’s Sheds and potential Men’s Shed’s and Neighbourhood Houses to understand and abide by Council processes.  The Kit outlines how to go about developing a new facility, upgrading, altering, or renovating an existing facility and submitting maintenance requests to Council.

The Kit defines technical terminology while explaining the process of submitting a request via our online forms. The Kit will make it easier to understand what to do if you need to improve, fix or maintain your facility.

In June 2019 Council endorsed a Men’s Shed Policy and Guidelines to outline the relationship between Council and Hume Men’s Sheds. This policy endorses and supports the Men’s Shed Tool Kit process, including application proposal guidelines, how Council will respond to requests and the criteria for assessing an application made by a Men’s Shed or Neighbourhood House.

Visit the Men's Shed Toolkit

Location of Men’s Sheds within Hume

There are three Men’s Sheds that have licence agreements with the City of Hume:

  • Craigieburn Men’s Shed
    3 / 151 Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn 3064
  • Sunbury Men’s Shed
    158-160 Evans Street, Sunbury 3429
  • Tullamarine Men’s Shed
    Tullamarine House, 30 Carol Grove, Tullamarine 3043

Contact details

For more information on Men's Sheds contact our Community Development Officer Fortunata Maria Callipari by phone 9205 2533 or email