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Andrew-Nicolaides artwork


Artists and Creative Industry play a vital role in contributing to innovation, local identity, connection and well-being in our community. There are a number of opportunities for artists to seek support for their creative practice and activities in Hume.

Hume Arts Awards


Image: Arts Awards 2018 Recipient Angela Davis

The biennial Hume Arts Awards recognises the achievement of Hume-based artists of all disciplines, supporting costs involved in arts practice including further study, materials and equipment, professional outcomes and travel.

The program forms part of the upcoming Hume Creative Community Strategy 2020-2025.

The application process for the Hume Arts Awards 2020 was open through April and May this year. A total of 84 artists applied across three categories; Youth 12-18 years, Artists 19-30 years, Artists Over 30 years. 

A highly competitive assessment process was undertaken by Council Officers and an Executive Panel. This process has recommended 17 Awardees highlighting the breadth of impressive talent that exists within our municipality. 

You can view brief profiles of each selected artist below.


Aidan Ross

  • Youth Category

Aidan demonstrates strong illustration skills in his portfolio of expressive pastel and pencil portraits. He also included some impressive architectural models and indicated that he intends to study Architecture after completing his Year 12 studies.  

Andrew Nicolaides

  • Artist 19-30 years Category

Andrew is a multi-disciplinary artist with a striking original aesthetic. His colourful abstract paintings use repetitive patterns such as building grids and circles in a loose and playful way. Andrew has worked and exhibited at the renowned Arts Project Australia in Northcote and has taken first and second prize at the Sunbury Agricultural Art Show for is entries in 2019. As a performer, Andrew is a current member of Boilover Performance Ensemble in Sunbury and Wild At Heart Community Arts, focusing on dance / movement and songwriting. He is currently preparing for a solo exhibition of new paintings at Sunbury Community Health in 2021.  

Angela Dexter

  • Artist 19-30 years Category

Angela is a dancer and choreographer who enjoys collaborations with other artists across multiple art disciplines. A Deakin University graduate with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance). She has worked with dance companies YellowWheel and YW2 and undertaken professional development opportunities with Chunky Move and Lucy Guerin. Most recently Angela was one of 10 artists chosen for the Sunbury Cultural Commission, where she created Echo of the Masses, a series of live performances around Sunbury and a film that played in the inaugural gallery show. Angela is also a founding member of the collective WildFoot, specialising in ‘vertical dance’ for which she is currently developing a new work.

Bianca Ivorie

  • Artist 19-30 years Category

Bianca is a working musician/ songwriter with a background in vocal training. She has a whole swag of well-crafted original songs that she performs on her Youtube channel. Bianca has honed her pop-aesthetic with strong potential to connect with a commercial audience and build a following. Bianca now plans to create and release a professional recording.

Ebony McPherson

  • Artist 19-30 years Category

Ebony is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring illustration / photography / video / theatre and performance. Only a couple of years out of secondary school, her practice is clearly branching outwards; creating networks with subculture magazines ( ‘Zeens’ ) and theatre companies. Her work has strong themes of mysticism and the occult within the contemporary world.  Ebony’s series of short videos are dark and hypnotic.



Filipe Filihia

  • Youth Category

Filipe is a visual artist across a range of mediums including sculpture, photography and drawing. His work conveys a strong sense of exploration and originality.  Filipe expresses a strong awareness of the at-risk youth in his local community and wishes to one day set-up a safe art space where he can create art with other local young people.  


Georgia Tankey

  • Artist 19-30 years Category

Georgia is an award-winning dancer in many styles who performs and teaches in Hume. She is reflective on how her enthusiasm and discipline for dance over the past 17 years has a positive impact in all areas of her life. Georgia has a strong Community focus and enthusiasm for 'giving back', planning to qualify as a ballet teacher.

Jorjena Kasouha

  • Artist 19-30 years Category

Jorjena is a young emerging writer whose background as a refugee from Syria informs a deeply poetic sensibility. Her autobiographical short story about experiences of war from the perspective of a child is very intimate account of the loss of innocence and wonder. Despite being new to the English language, Jorjena demonstrates a clear understanding of the meaning and power of words. She wishes to print and publish her story in Arabic and English.


READ(PDF, 148KB) Jorjena's story

Kawthar Zoubiri

  • Youth Category

Kawthar presents a selection of drawings and paintings exploring personal identity and emotion. Her unique drawing skill is matched by a strong sense for metaphor and symbol, reminiscent of Surrealist paintings. Kawthar wants to extend her skills with a drawing tablet in preparation for further studies in visual arts beyond secondary school. 


Matthew Jodrell

  • Artist Over 30 years Category

Matthew is an award-winning jazz trumpet player who has an extensive study, performance, composition, recording and teaching history on both a national and international level. Currently teaching at Melbourne University and James Morrison Academy, Matthew has shared the stage with many notable Jazz luminaries, including touring and performing with James Morrison. Matthew will be releasing a new recording of original music with musicians from Australia, Japan and the USA. 


 LISTEN to matthew's composition 'Resonance'

Mike Mullins

  • Artist Over 30 years Category

Mike holds a committed and significant career as a director, producer, performer, curator, visual artist, and writer spanning more than 4 decades. He was the founding director of Performance Space in Sydney and has created theatre and events, from the small-scale experimental works to celebrations of major commercial and sporting events, since the early 1970’s. On Australia Day 2016 Mike was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his services to the performing arts. He has more recently completed a Masters of Fine Art and continues to work in many capacities in art sector. Mike plans to write a book exploring experiences of anxiety and the artist’s mind. 


Nighat Tithi

  • Artist Over 30 years Category

Nighat is a highly accomplished traditional singer from Bangladesh. She has been singing since childhood and attended the most recognised academy for ‘Nazul Sangeet’ – the music of Bangladesh’s national poet - for which she received the national award for this musical tradition. Nighat currently performs around Melbourne in the group Gaanwala. She intends to further her practice by learning an instrument (piano or guitar) to accompany her singing and to pursue writing her own compositions.

Sanaz Fotouhi

  • Artist Over 30 years Category

Sanaz has an established career in writing with an impressive list of published essays, books and articles, awards and appearances at numerous writers festivals. Her writing is vivid and compelling, drawn from lived experience of the Iranian diaspora in Australia and her travels across the globe. Sanaz is working on a strong digital and social media presence as a writer, in advance of an upcoming book launch. 


READ(PDF, 162KB) samples of Sanaz' writing

Shahad Alruhaimi

  • Youth Category

Shahad self-created the short film Corona Crisis! - an amusing spoof documentary exploring different attitudes to the COVID-19 outbreak. She plays a range of familiar characters representing a variety of responses to the pandemic, including her own.

Shahad has a clear talent for production and acting, reflecting on the current situation through a comic lens. She intends to pursue film making, directing and production as a career.

Steve Pettonon

  • Artist Over 30 years Category

Steve is a highly accomplished artist with a practice in drawing that incorporates collage, photography and elements of sculpture. His recent works explore visual relationships between the surface of water and surface of the very paper that he works upon. Steve wishes to advance his skills and creative reach by studying the art of ceramics. 

Sylvia Ziaka

  • Youth Category

    Sylvia paints with a bold and confident approach to colour and dynamic sense of shadow and form. Her landscapes are vivid and almost like scenes from fairy tale stories. Sylvia wishes to continue her journey with painting lessons. 

Teena Moffatt

  • Artist Over 30 years Category

Teena is a Yorta Yorta, Gundjitmara and GunaiKurnai woman. Her art practice embraces her cultural heritage and is dedicated to preserving knowledge and use of traditional objects, including infant pouch carriers and possum skin cloaks.

Teena incorporates traditional art and cultural practice with contemporary life and finds new ways to connect this knowledge with community. Teena continues to run workshops and exhibit her creations.



Community Grants

Hume Community Grants are offered to not-for-profit community groups or organisations to support programs and initiatives, including arts and cultural initiatives, of direct benefits to communities within Hume City. For more information please visit our Community Grants page.

Other Funding Bodies

Funding, advocacy and support for artists and arts groups are available through a number of other peak arts bodies.

State and Federal Funding Bodies:

  • Arts Victoria is the Victorian Government body charged with advising on and implementing arts policy, developing the arts and cultural industries across the state and ensuring access for all Victorians.
  • VicHealth is an organisation committed to promoting the health of all Victorians. To promote mental health and wellbeing, VicHealth offers the following arts-related funding schemes: Community Arts Participation; Art and Environment; Major Arts Partnerships and Communities Together (community based festivals and celebrations).
  • The Australia Council is the Federal Government's arts funding and advisory body. It directly supports young, emerging and established artists, as well as new and established organisations.

Other Arts Organisations:

  • Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) provides opportunities and support structures to artists and communities from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds as well as offering culturally diverse art to the public at large.
  • The Arts Victoria website provides links to many artists and arts organisations, industry service organisations and interstate and international arts departments.
  • Our Community provides useful advice on funding and other issues of interest to community organisations.