Hume Resident Recognition Awards

Published on 19 July 2022

Councillors and an audience at a Council meeting

Dozens of Hume City’s volunteers, business leaders, and community leaders, have been celebrated by Hume City Council for their dedication towards making the Hume area such a great place to call home.

Awards were delivered across three categories, Hume Health Champions, I Love Hume participants, and Hume Resident Recognition Awards.

Prior to the commencement of the awards ceremony, attendees were invited to connect with each other while exploring a gallery dedicated to the I Love Hume campaign.

The Hume Health Champions category was dedicated to those who played a critical role in Council’s COVID-19 response during the early stages of the pandemic. The twenty-five champions, across eighteen different language groups, were recruited and trained to improve health outcomes, testing rates, and healthy behaviours of the Hume community.

Chosen for their connections and ability to reach their communities, they became the faces of Hume’s COVID-19 communications campaign to reduce vaccine hesitancy and increase confidence in State Government messaging and requirements. 

The Hume Health Champions are:

  • Abdelhay Hafiz
  • Abdi Aden
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Basimah Yonan
  • Dinuki Rajapaksha 
  • Fadumo Mohamed
  • Fauzia Elahi
  • Gulrana Burak
  • Gurdeep Singh Matharoo
  • Harsimran Kaur
  • Imam Ismail Hersi
  • Jade Jarkan 
  • Juhara Jemel
  • Musa Varel
  • Naseem Hasweh
  • Nimesha Kiridena 
  • Parsu Sharma-Luital
  • Pherina Tuaiti
  • Riead Mansour
  • Roohi Imran
  • Serap Filiz
  • Tanu Bamrah
  • Van Bui
  • Zahra Ali 
  • Zainab Albadri 


The I Love Hume category was in recognition of six community members who offered their time and their stories to support the I Love Hume campaign. The campaign celebrates the vibrant diversity of Hume and aims to encourage community pride and connection by amplifying voices within the community and displaying the true spirit of Hume.

The I Love Hume participants are:

  • Asmaa Abdelzaher
  • Bianca Mayne
  • Deepak Vinayak
  • Satinder Chawla
  • Upul Chandana 
  • Kevin O’Callaghan


The final award category, Hume Resident Recognition Awards, was dedicated to thirteen Hume locals who have gone above and beyond to serve and support this community. Nominated by the Councillors for their respective wards, residents were recognised for their tireless efforts to uplift the community.

The Hume Resident Recognition Award winners are:

  • Abdi Aden
  • Jeff Hubbard
  • Sue Franceschini
  • Brett Jensen
  • Mark Chambers
  • Natasha Child
  • Richard Vandeloo
  • Sharon Wallace Storm
  • Rocco Di Battista
  • Mahir Murad
  • Ravinder Kaur
  • Harminder Singh
  • Alec Mead


The night provided an opportunity for passionate community members and Council to come together, celebrate each other and to form new connections while also reconnecting with past ones.