Introducing our new waste vouchers

Published on 24 June 2024

Illustration of a person carrying an unwanted microwave with a Resource Recovery Centre in the background

Hume City Council is making it easier for residents to get rid of their hard waste and other items that can’t go in household bins. 

From 1 July 2024, tip passes will be phased out and replaced with flexible waste vouchers that can be used for three different services. 

Instead of two tip passes and two hard waste collections each year, households will have access to five waste vouchers that can be used to drop off waste at a Resource Recovery Centre, book a hard waste collection or use a new service, bundled branch collections. 

Residents will also no longer have to hunt for their rates notice before loading up the trailer – any proof of address, such as a drivers licence or utility bill, will be accepted at the Resource Recovery Centre gatehouse. 

The entitlement period for bulk waste services is also changing. Waste entitlements will reset on 1 July each year rather than 1 October, bringing them in line with the financial year and the rates notice period.  

Residents can start using their five waste vouchers from Monday. For anyone who has not yet used up their tip passes and hard waste bookings for 2023–24, rest assured that those entitlements will still be honoured until they expire on 30 September 2024.

Providing even more opportunities to get rid of household junk at no cost, Hume Clean Days are getting an upgrade. They will now run four times a year across the whole weekend instead of just Saturday, and garden cuttings will now be accepted. The next Hume Clean Day will take place on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September. 

To raise awareness of these changes and encourage residents to take advantage of these services, Council is distributing a new waste education pack to all households in Hume City.  

The pack, which arrives in letterboxes this week, contains a stack of useful information about how to manage household waste in Hume, including a quick reference guide with a magnet to go on the fridge. Keep an eye out for it!