Join the Hume Clean Taskforce

Published on 24 June 2021

Broadmeadows Town Park events stage area

We need your help to make Hume a cleaner place for everyone to enjoy. 

We are seeking community members to join the Hume Clean Taskforce. This committee will provide a partnership between Council and the community for consultation, feedback, and education. They will help develop strategies and implement actions to reduce waste and littering. 

The Taskforce will represent the community to: 

  • Have direct input into strategies for waste and litter prevention and education.
  • Raise awareness about illegal waste and dumping.
  • Help Council achieve its waste reduction. 

Roles and responsibilities of Taskforce members:

  • Support Council to achieve its vision in reducing the amount of litter and waste illegally dumped within Hume.
  • Promote clean and safe public places.
  • Reduce damage to the environment caused by illegally dumped rubbish.
  • Assist Council in reviewing the success of the ‘Pathways to Sustainability Framework’ and other Council litter and waste reduction strategies and programs and identify opportunities for improved outcomes.
  • Promote Council waste and litter education programs to their networks within the Hume community.
  • Project specific – Members will assist with education, community awareness and enforcement on relevant projects.
  • Site Specific – Assistance with promotion of reducing littering or dumping at a hotspot.
  • Issue specific – Assistance with promotion of reducing a specific type of littering or dumping, such as dumping on nature strips, building sites or take away containers at events.
  • Advocacy around the waste industry, related businesses, and general amenity.

If you're interested in making a real difference in your community, view the full Terms of Reference(PDF, 83KB) and use the button below to discuss this exciting opportunity in the taskforce with the waste team. 

Email to learn more