Domestic Wastewater


It is necessary for unsewered properties to effectively treat and dispose of domestic wastewater on site.

This is achieved by the use of on-site domestic wastewater treatment facilities, or septic tank systems. The approval and monitoring of on-site domestic wastewater treatment systems, is carried out by Council’s Environmental Health Officers.

Effective management of wastewater prevents disease-causing pathogens, which are present in wastewater, from adversely affecting the health and well being of people that might come in contact with it. Also, it prevents wastewater from polluting ground and surface water.

Installation of on-site domestic wastewater treatment systems is regulated by a permit system. The guidelines below will provide you with information about the process to apply for a permit.

Information, advice and application forms for the installation of approved septic tank systems and waste water treatment systems in unsewered areas of Hume City can be obtained below or by contacting Council's Public Health Unit on 9205 2200.

All work on Domestic Wastewater Systems should be carried out by a licensed plumber.

Further information can be obtained from EPA Victoria website.

Properties with treatment plants

Please ensure you submit your quarterly maintenance report within two weeks of the service to; or mail to PO Box 119, Dallas, Vic, 3047.