Report dumped rubbish

Dumped rubbish on a residential nature strip

Dumping rubbish and unwanted items on public or private land – including roadsides, bushland, reserves and parks – without permission is illegal.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 2017, Council has the authority to issue fines for illegally dumped waste on Council land. These fines vary in size depending upon the volume and type of waste. Any person caught dumping rubbish could be fined or prosecuted.

See it. Report it.

If you find dumped rubbish, or see someone dumping rubbish, here's how to report it to Council.

Dumped rubbish on private property

Dumped rubbish on private land is the responsibility of the property owner or occupier.

Under Council's General Purpose Local Law No. 1 2023, the property owner or occupier must maintain their property to ensure it does not become unsightly or endanger anyone's health. This may include:

  • excessive vegetation
  • litter, rubbish or other waste that is not contained and could be blown off the property in the wind
  • conditions that encourage vermin, such as rats, to breed.

Report an abandoned shopping trolley

Shopping trolleys shouldn't be left on footpaths, roadsides, nature strips or at bus stops. Always return your trolley to the right place after you’ve finished with it.

Here's why abandoned trolleys are a problem:

  • they create a hazard for pedestrians and vehicles
  • they can enter waterways where they become an environmental hazard
  • they often get filled with litter that then blows away on the wind
  • they are unsightly and make our city less attractive.

Under Section 30 (1) of the General Local Law No. 1 2023, it is an offense to leave shopping trolleys in public places.

How to report abandoned shopping trolleys

Trolleys from any retailer can be reported through the Snap Send Solve website or app.

Other options depend on the retailer.

Woolworths, Big W, Dan Murphy's

Report via the Trolley Tracker website or app or call 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553)

Coles, Kmart, 1st Choice Liquor

Call 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553)


Call 1800 163 900


Call 1800 554 777


Report via the Aldi website

Other retailers

Report via Snap Send Solve or contact the store directly.

Report litter from vehicles

If you see someone throwing rubbish from a car, you can report this to EPA using the EPA web form.

To make a report, you will need: 

  • Vehicle details (for example, registration, model and make)
  • Location where the littering took place
  • Any observations regarding the incident (for example, date and time)
  • Willingness to attend court as a witness if required (only 2 per cent of reports end up going to court).

Further information about reporting litter from vehicles can be found on the EPA website

How can I dispose of my rubbish?

Learn what can go in your household rubbish, recycling and food and garden waste bins

To help you get rid of rubbish that cannot go in your household bins, residential ratepayers and those renting homes have access to the following free services each year:

  • Hard waste collections: We can collect your unwanted furniture, mattresses, whitegoods, tyres and more.
  • Bundled branch collections: We can collect branches and tree limbs that are too big for your food and garden waste bin.
  • Resource Recovery Centres: Drop off waste for free using your waste vouchers. Some items can be taken for free any time.
  • Hume Clean Days: Take mattresses, couches, tyres and garden clippings to our Resource Recovery Centres for free on selected dates.

Limits and conditions apply. For more information see: Your options for waste disposal