Health Advocacy

The rapid population growth in the Hume Corridor is placing significant strain on health and community services, so all levels of Government must collaborate to strategically plan the right services in the right places, at the right time.

In 2013, Council undertook a study of the current and future health service needs for the community living in the Hume Corridor to identify what services would be needed and when. One of the first priorities emerging from that work was the need for increased primary health care services in Craigieburn.

Council is now working on a planning initiative with partners in the Victorian Government, Northern Health, Dianella Community Health and service providers to identify short term priorities and opportunities for primary health care and complementary services for the Craigieburn and surrounding populations. This will include accessible and quality community services to ensure people are able to access social supports, health promotion, and other prevention services that help to keep our residents healthy.

Why is it important?

More Council residents are overweight or obese, have Type 2 diabetes and participate in less physical activity than the Victorian average which creates significant demand on primary and community health service provision in our area.

Increased investment in primary health care services can help prevent the progression of illnesses which would require more complex acute health services.

Studies undertaken by both Dianella and Council identified a need to increase primary health care services in the Craigieburn area to respond to population growth, with capacity to service a sub-regional catchment. This is aligned with Craigieburn’s role as a major activity centre and consistent with its status as a health precinct in Plan Melbourne.

The support we need

Funding for future facilities and services to support our existing and growing communities.

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