Growth Area Planning

Growth area planning focuses on greenfield development and land use on the outskirts of Hume’s urban areas, as a solution to population growth. Greenfield refers to areas that are previously undeveloped and used for farming.

Council's Precinct Structure Plans and Development Contributions Plans provide a guide regarding land use and required infrastructure.

When people develop land for any use, upgraded infrastructure is often required.

Development contributions are payments or works-in-kind towards the provision of infrastructure made by a developer. The Planning and Environment Act 1987 allows for development contributions to be provided through the:

  • planning scheme amendment process
  • planning permit process, or
  • building permit process.

Development contributions are one of a number of options available to local and State government for funding infrastructure.

There are two parts to the Development Contribution Levy:

  1. The Development Infrastructure Levy (DIL) which applies to leviable developments and contributes to funding development infrastructure such as roads and open space. The DIL is a financial contribution made by developers before developing their land for urban purposes.
  2. The Community Infrastructure Levy applies to funding community infrastructure, such as pavilions in growth area developments. See the Community Infrastructure Levy page for more information.

Where a Development Contribution Plan (DCP) Schedule in the Hume Planning Scheme applies to land, the DIL must be paid before a Statement of Compliance is issued.

Summary of the rates as at 1 July 2024

Development Contribution Plan (DCP)

Development Infrastructure Levy

(DIL) per Net Development Hectare

Community Infrastructure Levy

(CIL) per Dwelling 

Craigieburn North Employment $329,050  N/A
Craigieburn R2 $277,277 $1,030
Greenvale Central (North) $255,239 $970
Greenvale Central (South) $306,375 $970
Greenvale North R1 (Mickleham) N/A $1,450
Greenvale North R1 (Mt Aitken) N/A $1,450
Greenvale West $274,856 $1,450
Merrifield West $471,778 $1,396
Lockerbie - All $567,967 $1,055
Lockerbie - Hume $430,941 $1,055
Lockerbie - Mitchell $101,763 $1,055
Lockerbie - Whittlesea $35,264 $1,055

The rates should be read in conjunction with the relevant Development Contribution Plan.

The Infrastructure Contributions system helps fund essential works and services required for new communities, such as roads, parks, local sports grounds, kindergartens and child care facilities.

Infrastructure Contributions Plans apply to Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) currently in the Victorian Planning Authority’s work plan including:

  • Lindum Vale PSP
  • Sunbury South PSP
  • Lancefield Road PSP
  • Craigieburn West PSP

Existing approved DCPs will continue to operate.

For further information and any enquiries about ICPs visit the DTP website.

Summary of the rates as at 1 July 2024


Infrastructure Contribution Plan (ICP) Community and Recreation Levy
(per net developable hectare)
Transport Levy
(per net developable hectare)


Supplementary Transport Levy
(per net developable hectare)


Land Equalisation Levy 
Craigieburn West  $109,088 $147,562  N/A Craigieburn West Levy(PDF, 102KB) 

Lindum Vale

$109,088 $147,562 N/A Lindum Vale Levy(PDF, 96KB)
Sunbury South and Lancefield Road - Residential  $109,088 $147,562 $115,341 Sunbury South and Lancefield Road - Residential Levy(PDF, 148KB)
Sunbury South and Lancefield Road - Commercial and Industrial  N/A $147,562 $115,341 Sunbury South and Lancefield Road - Commercial Levy(PDF, 148KB)

The rates should be read in conjunction with the relevant Infrastructure Contribution Plan.

Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) are master plans for whole communities and detail road layouts, shopping centres, schools, parks, housing, employment, connections to transport and generally resolve the complex issues of biodiversity, infrastructure provision and council charges.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is the statutory authority responsible for overseeing the preparation of all precinct structure plans in Melbourne’s growth areas. Council works closely with the VPA on the preparation of PSPs and makes a submission on behalf of Hume City's existing and future communities.

Map of Precinct Structure Plans

View a map of PSPs(PDF, 6MB) within Hume. 

PSPs under preparation

Precinct Structure Plans under preparation by the VPA:

PSPs to be confirmed 

Future Precinct Structure Plans to be confirmed:

  • Sunbury West
  • Sunbury North

Further information

For further information and any enquiries about PSPs contact: