Heavy Motor Vehicle Permits

A permit is required to keep a vehicle over 7.5 metres in length and/or with a GVM, greater than 4.5 tonnes on private property.

(In accordance with Council General Local Law No. 1 2023 – Division 1 – Your Property, Clause 38)

Please note: Applicants must apply and obtain a permit prior to the keeping of a long and or heavy motor vehicle on private property.

How do I apply?

Where a person applies for a permit under Council's General Local Law No.1 - 2023(PDF, 385KB) , clause 38, Council will notify and consider the views of the owners or occupiers of land adjoining that person's land, and any other owners or occupiers of land whom Council or an Authorised Officer considers appropriate prior to making a decision to grant a permit.

To complete the online heavy motor vehicle permit form you will be required to :

  1. Provide a valid email address.
  2. Provide relevant registered vehicle owner details if applicable.
  3. Once the information supplied has been verified, Council will issue an invoice by post to the postal address supplied.

The fee for a heavy motor vehicle permit is $250 which needs to be renewed annually.

To apply for a heavy motor vehicle, please click the button below:

Submit Heavy Motor Vehicle Application

Printable hardcopy Application form

Heavy Motor Vehicle Permit Application Form(PDF, 234KB)

What Does Council take into consideration?

Council will need to take into consideration a number of things when assessing a heavy motor vehicle application, this includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Any requirements of Council's Traffic & Civil Design Department, Technical Services Department, Health Department and Statutory Planning Department.
  • Environmental Protection Authority's guidelines with regards to residential noise and emissions.
  • The purpose of the motor vehicle being kept at the specified address.
  • The placement of the vehicle on the property.
  • The views of adjoining property owners or occupiers.
  • The views/requirements of VicRoads.
  • The property crossover used by the heavy motor vehicle must be constructed to Industrial Crossing Standards.