Harmony in Hume

Published on 18 March 2024


Hume City supports all members of our diverse community to practice their religions in a safe and inclusive way.   

Harmony Week (Monday 18 March to Sunday 24 March 2024) provides an opportunity to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s all about inclusiveness, respect and a building a sense of belonging for everyone.   

Hume’s rich cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths, we welcome residents of all ethnicities, faiths and beliefs to our city. We are proud of our diverse communities and champion harmony and open dialogue among faiths.  

Council's Hume Interfaith Network (HIN) has a significant role in the development of harmonious relationships between all people who live, work or practice faith in Hume.  

The HIN delivers initiatives that strengthen social cohesion, deepen mutual respect and promote community participation and wellbeing for members of different faiths. The HIN also aims to create an environment of peace, understanding and respect for one another’s beliefs, cultures and traditions and provide a safe space to celebrate and share cultural differences.   

To celebrate harmony in Hume, the HIN invites you to join the free Interfaith Sports Day: 

This is a free community event – featuring a free community BBQ and a variety of sports for all ages and abilities:  

  • AFL Football
  • Soccer
  • Cricket 
  • Basketball
  • Hockey and much more 

Learn more about the upcoming Harmony Week interfaith sports day by the Hume Interfaith Network.  

Quotes attributable to Mayor of Hume City Cr Naim Kurt: 

“As Mayor of Hume, I am proud to champion Harmony Week, a time where our rich cultural tapestry shines brightly. "It's a celebration of inclusivity, respect, and the vibrant diversity that defines our community."  

"In Hume, diversity isn't just celebrated – it's embraced as a cornerstone of our identity. This Harmony Week, let's come together to honor our differences and foster a sense of belonging for all residents, regardless of background or belief."