Community Vision, Council and Financial Plan adopted

Published on 26 October 2021

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Hume City Council has adopted its Council Plan 2021-2025 , Financial Plan and new Community Vision statement at last night’s Council’s Meeting.  

Informed by the insight, knowledge, and stories of more than 8,500 local residents and groups, the Community Vision will shape Hume City Council’s long-term direction, priorities, and values. In doing so, it will help Council continue to be a liveable and prosperous city, and prepare Hume for the opportunities that the future will bring. 

The Community Vision is: ‘A sustainable and thriving community with great health, education, employment, infrastructure, and a strong sense of belonging'.

Hume City Council’s Community Vision is supported by three themes that guide what Council and the community can do together to achieve its long-term aspirations:

  1. A community that is resilient, inclusive, and thriving.  
  2. A city that cares about our planet, is appealing and connected.  
  3. A Council that inspires leadership, is accountable, and puts the community first. 

The vision is already at work and has played a pivotal role in the development of the Council Plan 2021-2025.  

The plan responds and delivers for the challenges of today and positions Council and the community for a sustainable and positive future through planned actions.  

Over the next four years, Hume City Council has committed to a record investment of $485 million across more than 500 capital works projects.  

Supporting the Hume community respond to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will also see Council invest $334 million to meet the growing demands for a variety of day-to-day services, including waste and recycling, preschool, maternal and child health, parks and community facilities.  

Council also adopted its long-term Financial Plan which provides a 10-year financially sustainable projection regarding how the actions of the Council Plan may be funded to achieve the Community Vision. 

Learn more about the Community Vision, Council Plan and Council Budget

Hume City Council Mayor, Councillor Joseph Haweil said:  

“I’m proud to present our Community Vision, informed by local residents and groups – the people who know Hume best.” 

“Council would like to acknowledge and thank the 40 community members who made up the Community Vision panel and who have worked closely with Councillors and other community members in shaping the future direction of Hume.” 

“The vision is unique to Hume City and written by our community, for our community, highlighting where we want to be in the future.”  

“This statement is a product of extensive consultation and engagement and we’re motivated to further engrain the values of this vision into our practices as a Council.” 

“Both the Community Vision and the Council Plan acknowledge that we must work with our community and organisations to achieve what’s outlined. It also demands of us that we continue to advocate or lobby on behalf of the community and be leaders as an organisation.”