Information you need to know about October’s Local Government Election

Published on 11 June 2024

Victorian Government elections will be held on Saturday 24 October. As the local government election approaches later this year, it's important you are informed and prepared.  

Election date 

Victorian council elections will be held on Saturday 26 October 2024. This is your opportunity to have a say on who represents Hume City.  

In the lead up to elections, Councils must ensure they do not publish or distribute any information which could affect election voting. This time, from 12pm Tuesday 17 September – 6pm Saturday 26 October, is known as the caretaker period. We will only be communicating essential news during this time.  

How to vote 

The election will be by postal ballot, and ballot papers will be automatically sent to your address by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC). Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Keep an eye on your mailbox. Ballot packs will be delivered between Tuesday 8 October and Thursday 10 October.  

  • Complete and post your ballot by 6pm on Friday 25 October. 

Vote counting and results 

Vote counting will begin on Saturday 26 October, and all election results will be declared by Friday 15 November. Stay tuned for the announcement of new council members. 

Ensure you're enrolled 

To participate in the election, you must be enrolled to vote. Please check your enrolment details at VEC check my enrolment and make sure your postal address is correct. 

When you check your enrolment, you will be able to view the new electoral structures and ward boundaries for this year’s election. 

Changes to Wards 

In February 2024, the Victorian Local Government Minister announced changes to the electoral structure of Hume City Council. As part of this, Hume City Council will transition to having 11 wards, each represented by one Councillor. 

The new wards are Aitken, Bababi Marning, Burt-kur-min, Emu Creek, Jacksons Hill, Merlynston Creek, Mount Ridley, Roxburgh Park, Tullamarine, Woodlands, and Yubup. 

Visit the VEC website to learn how these VEC changes aim to improve local representation and ensure each area of Hume is effectively represented.  

Stand for Council  

You could be the change you want to see in your community by standing for council. Nominations must be submitted by 12pm on Tuesday 17 September. Visit the Vic councils website for more information.