Mayoral VCE Achievement Awards and launch of Hume Youth Anthology

Published on 22 December 2022

Group photo of Mayor with young people and their certificates

On Friday 16 December, Council announced the recipients of the Hume Mayoral VCE Achievement Awards and celebrated the launch of the inaugural Hume Youth Anthology.  

Both are Council initiatives that are part of the Connect & Thrive Plan, which aims to celebrate, empower and connect young people of Hume City. 

Organised by Hume Youth Services, the event was an opportunity to recognise the academic and creative achievements of young people. More than 130 people attended the celebration, including families, friends, principals, teachers, youth organisations, Councillors and Council staff.  

The Mayoral VCE Achievement Awards recognised Hume’s high-achieving Year 12 students, acknowledging the hard work and resilience recipients have shown during their VCE year to achieve the highest ATAR score at their school or campus.  

This year, Council was proud to award 19 students with the 2022 Hume Mayoral VCE Achievement Award. 

Congratulations to the following students: 

  • Nirasha Sugathapala – Craigieburn Secondary College
  • Samir Bitar - Gladstone Park Secondary College
  • Nethmi Ranasinghe Mudiyanselage - Mount Ridley College
  • Maggie Warda – Roxburgh College
  • Melissa Vang – Sunbury College
  • Yixuan (Alice) Liu - Sunbury Downs College
  • Murabit Ali - Hume Central Secondary College 
  • Myrtali K – Kolbe Catholic College
  • Stafro Hawel - Penola Catholic College
  • Christine Franklin – Salesian College
  • Kayla Perumal – Aitken College
  • Tamanno Zavqieva – Hume Anglican Grammar
  • Rayyan Malellari – Ilim College (Dallas Campus)
  • Mutasem Sharaf - Ilim College (Kiewa Campus) 
  • Noah Emonson – Red Rock Christian College
  • Hamdan Yousuf – Sirius College (Meadow Fair Campus)
  • Tasnim Thamer – Sirius College (Eastmeadows Campus)
  • Peter Toghian – St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College
  • Jan Mansour - St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College 


Council also launched the first edition of Hume Youth Anthology at the event.  

Young People’s Stories of Resilience & Creativity: A Hume Anthology 2022 is a collection of young people’s stories, poems and art depicting their experiences, hopes and challenges in a COVID world. The Anthology features 35 submissions from young people aged 5 to 19, all centered around the theme of creativity and resilience. 

All participants were awarded a Certificate of Acknowledgement and several were invited to share their work from the Anthology with the audience. View the online version of Young People’s Stories of Resilience & Creativity: A Hume Anthology 2022

Thank you to the following young people who submitted their work to the 2022 Hume Youth Anthology: 

  • Antonio Marcus 
  • Karlos Marcus 
  • Monica Salama 
  • Noah Iskander 
  • Patricia Saloumi 
  • Ryan Yousifany 
  • Thomas Soliman 
  • Abigail Yacoub 
  • Alexandria Rosewell-Davison 
  • Aliyah Ball 
  • Anagah Cheeroth 
  • Arshpreet Kaur 
  • Berra Akylidiz 
  • Bilal Al Mansoury 
  • Chantal Elfranji 
  • Eliz Atik 
  • Emmy Abdo 
  • Isabell Bilous 
  • Jila-Zhen Lu 
  • Laksh Sehgal 
  • Leyla Saylik 
  • Louis Harrison 
  • Maeve Hogan 
  • Malak Kodsi 
  • Mankaran Singh 
  • Maryam Zuhair 
  • Rhianna Hamra 
  • Safir Rahman 
  • Tharuki Rajapaksha 
  • Theo Ziervogel 
  • Youhanna Tadros 
  • Mohammed Azeem 


Quotes to be attributed to Mayor Cr Joseph Haweil: 

"Hume is home to so many impressive and creative young people. Thank you to all the schools for nominating and for supporting our students in accomplishing their achievements. We look forward to seeing these students achieve great things in and outside of Hume City.” 

“The Hume Youth Anthology showcases and celebrates the continued adaptability and resilience of young people in Hume over the last two years in the COVID pandemic.”