Sunbury Dog Park

Sunbury Dog Park

Sunbury Dog Park is located at Sunbury Park among an arboretum.  

It is a safe and secure place for people to exercise their dogs with 1.2-metre perimeter fence.

The park boasts agility training equipment made from composite material, which includes a dog bridge, wave poles, tunnel, sit/stay platform and hurdles.

Sunbury Dog Park also provides:

  • 5,300m2 fully fenced area
  • double gates and two entry/exit points
  • amenities for users (dogs and people), including a drinking fountain with a dog water bowl, bins with dog-waste bags and seating.

Everyone who uses the dog park will need to abide by the rules and ensure their dogs are obedient enough to be controlled while off-leash. 


Sunbury Park, Harker Street, Sunbury 3429  View Map

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