Families arriving from overseas

Arriving from overseas Immunisation.jpg

If you or your family are new to the country, before you can join school or care in Australia, you may need to get vaccinated. Immunisation is a way of keeping yourself, your family and the community safe from harmful infections.

You can let us know of your child/children’s overseas Immunisation history using the form below or download a printable form(PDF, 70KB).

Click here to view form.

Once we receive the above information, we will attend to your request as soon as possible. Please allow up to two weeks for this to occur.

Create an immunisation profile

Register yourself and family on our immunisation platform VaxApp, this will allow us to upload the history to the Australian Immunisation Register.

Once you have registered yourself you are able to add your children's details as a dependant. If you require assistance contact the Immunisation team on 9356 6745.

Register on VaxApp