Get a copy of your notice or tip pass

The quickest way to request a copy of your rates notice or tip pass is to visit us in person at one of our Customer Service Centres.

Online requests for this service can take up to 10 business days to be processed. 

You can request a copy of a rates notice or tip pass online if you are:

  • the owner of a property
  • responsible for paying the rates at a retirement village, commercial or industrial property
  • a property manager who has authorisation on the property
  • another authorised person such as a family member

Request a copy of a rates notice or tip pass

You can also download(PDF, 54KB) and print your request to send in the post.

To protect your privacy, we cannot send a copy of a rates notice to anyone other than who it was sent to originally. If this needs to change, the property owner can update these details online