Reconciliation Mosaics Trail

510x260 - Sacred Dreaming IEC.jpg

The Reconciliation Mosaics Trail began its life as a series of hands-on Masterclasses several years ago. Indigenous artist, Karen Lovett, was invited to provide her unique graphic designs as inspiration for new mosaic artworks – co-designed with community artist Libby McKinnon.

The four Masterclass sessions took place at venues across Hume - from the Indigenous Education Centre in Broadmeadows to Sunbury Boilerhouse Gallery and Newbury Community Centre. Class participants worked side by side, placing each small glass tile into a black and white template – slowly bringing each panel to life over several hours as they shared stories and food.

The Mosaics are new additions to Hume’s growing Public Art Collection and are sited in publicly accessible locations across the region – outdoors and in the community centres close to where they were created.

You can watch a short video about this project:

Please take the time to also listen to a conversation between artists Karen Lovett and Libby McKinnon about the project. Download: 

You can explore these art works yourself by following the Reconciliation Mosaics Trail map(PDF, 3MB).

Thank you to the two artists – Karen and Libby – and to all the Masterclass participants for their creative flair towards this landmark project:

Broadmeadows: Nicole Findlay, Fiona Gray, Helen Hatzikalis, Norma Burnie, Graeme & Judy Godwin, Leslie Knight, Katrina Mumbler, Thomas Vocale, Narelle White.

Sunbury: Ken Winnell, Amanda Perry, Gail Radford, Kathy Medbury, Joy O’Conner, Miffy Howell, Noel Strawbridge, William Smart, Gaye Boltong, Peter & Debbie Zara, Chris Holmes, Margaret Miles, Paloma Francis.

Newbury: Yelena Ashlapova, Mandy & Jessica Whytcross, Jennifer King, William McNally, Jody Noy, Kerry Simmons, Clare McCann, Jennifer Hall.