Reassembled - Raneen Wardy

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Reassembled is an installation that merges traditional painting, sculpture and textile art. It focuses on the transporting nature of installation to immerse audiences in an atmospheric environment through the use of lighting and three-dimensional artworks.

Raneen Wardy's work explores contrasting colour, texture and shape as the building blocks for collages developed through processes of painting, cutting and reassembling.

Reassembled features a suspended textile sculpture that emulates the organic, round shapes that recur throughout her work as well as large wall-based textile works. Wardy enjoys working with the versatile and malleable nature of fabric to transform both through stretching traditional canvasses for painting, by folding, scrunching and stitching to make a sculpture or sewing fabric together to create wearable items.

The abstracted quality of the work invites audiences to be immersed in a colourful multi-sensory amalgamation of shape, texture and light.


  • Saturday, 29 April 2023 | 09:00 PM - Sunday, 25 June 2023 | 05:00 PM


Gee Lee-Wik Dolleen Gallery, Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery, Hume Global Learning Centre - Craigieburn, Craigieburn, 3064, View Map

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