For our sixth episode of #HumeStories, we had a chat with Upul Chandana, a dedicated Hume City local who continuously goes above and beyond to help those in need.

After arriving in Australia as an International student in 1997, Upul made the move to Hume in 2006 and has lived here ever since. During his time in Hume, Upul has selflessly volunteered in a variety of community focused organisations, doing anything he can to give back to the community that made him feel right at home.

Upul continues to serve as a member in the SES Craigieburn unit, the Craigieburn War Memorial, and Regional Advisory Council for VMC. Wanting to give back to the community even more, Upul also serves as the secretary for North Victoria Sri Lankan Welfare & Cultural Association and the Samadhi Buddhist Meditation Association. He is also a current Multicultural Community Ambassador for Mental Health Foundation Australia.

Upul tells us that "community work is in [his] genes", and his efforts definitely reflect that.

Have a listen below and hear what Upul said about Hume, and its vibrant community.