Bin collection services

Your garbage bin is collected weekly, on the same day each week. 

Download a copy of the Waste Guide(PDF, 4MB) for a detailed guide to all our waste services.

Look up your address to find which day your bins are collected and when to put out your recycling and food and garden bins: Know my bin day.

You can also download a copy of the bin collection calendar to print and put on your fridge:

If you would like to order a bin for your new property, request an additional bin or change your bin to a smaller size please fill out the form below. 

If you are ordering bins for a new property you will need an electronic copy of your Certificate of Occupancy to order online.

If you are renting please contact the owner of your property. They are required to organise your waste collection services through Council on your behalf.

Order new or additional bins

As a business owner, you are responsible for arranging the disposal of the waste generated by your business.

Council provides kerbside services to businesses that generate small volumes of waste and recycling, similar in size to what is generated by a residential home.

The type of waste produced by your business will determine your eligibility for these services.

Apply for Commercial Waste Assessment

Find out what rubbish goes in your garbage, recycling and organics bins by visiting the what rubbish goes in my bin? webpage.

Bins should be placed with the wheels facing away from the road and within one metre of the kerb. Please place bins out the night before your collection day.

Please allow at least one metre between your bin and any other objects such as parked cars, light poles, trees and other bins.

If you live in a court, please do not place bins at the end of the court. Our drivers will place yellow dots in the correct area to place your bin for safe collection by our trucks.

If you have any questions or need assistance with bin placement please contact our Customer Service team on 9205 2200.

You must report a missed bin within 2 working days of your collection day. For example, if your collection day is Tuesday you must report it to us by 4pm on Thursday. Please don't report missed bins before 2pm on your collection day as the truck may be running behind schedule.

Report a Missed Bin

Our trucks will not return to collect bins that were not placed out in time. Bins must be placed out before 5.30am on the day of collection or the night before.

You can report a stolen or damaged bin to us using the online form below.

Council will replace or repair your bin if it is damaged or stolen at no charge.

Report stolen/damaged bin