Aitken Boulevard Duplication

  • Project statusConstruction
  • Project value9.149 Million
Duplicating Aitken Boulevard Craigieburn 5

We’re duplicating Aitken Boulevard to cut travel time so you get more time with your family and friends.

What we're doing

We're adding extra lanes across Aitken Boulevard between Grand Boulevard and Marathon Boulevard. 

The project includes:

  • adding extra lanes in each direction
  • upgrading existing intersection and traffic lights
  • installing new traffic lights 
  • replacing the roundabout with traffic lights
  • constructing new pedestrian crossing facilities
  • building new shared walking and cycling paths 

Why we're doing it

Aitken Boulevard connects thousands of residents to and from their homes and work, shopping precincts, community centres, schools and public transport. 

We’re upgrading the road to improve connections through Craigieburn to help cut the commute of those who use it now and cater for the increase in demand expected with growing suburbs. 

When it’ll be finished

We recognise that Aitken Boulevard connects thousands of residents to and from homes, work, schools and public transport and are prioritising works on these intersections.

Due to ongoing delays associated with signalling works, works on the remaining intersections will be completed in the coming month. We understand that these delays have been frustrating and thank you for your patience while these important works are completed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the complete opening of this project been delayed?

The Aitken Boulevard and Marathon Boulevard intersection opened in December 2023 and we’ve been working as quickly as we can to open the remaining two intersections (Brookfield Boulevard and Hampton Street).

This has been delayed due to a number factors relating to power and signalling works. There has been significant work to connect the signals, as well as upgrade a nearby powerline to ensure that there would be suitable power available for the traffic signals and further development in the area.


Why was the Marathon Boulevard intersection able to open earlier?

Given the Marathon Boulevard intersection previously had traffic signals at the intersection, the process to reconnect these and obtain the relevant approvals to switch them on was less of a challenge, compared to the Brookfield Boulevard and Hampton Street intersections which are both new signalised intersections.


When will you be opening the remaining two intersections?

The work and approvals required to open the Hampton Street intersection are almost complete and further work will then be completed on the Brookfield Boulevard intersection. We aim to open both remaining intersections in the coming month.



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