Hume City Council encourages residents to Electrify Everything

Published on 24 July 2023

illustration of a house showing areas that could be electrified using a symbol of a lighting bolt. A scooter, car and bike are indicated as well as the over, heating and cooling, shower and solar panels on the roof.

Hume City Council is encouraging residents to go all-electric at home to reap the benefits of cleaner, cheaper energy as part of a campaign delivered by councils across Australia. 

Hume will promote the initiative through social media, newsletters and community events. To help residents make the switch to electricity in a way that works for them, Hume has also created a checklist of actions they can take now or plan for the future. 

New home buyers are encouraged to choose all-electric from the outset. For households with existing gas appliances, the transition will take some careful planning. Switching from gas to electric takes time and money, and the checklist is designed to help residents prioritise changes that offer the best return on investment. 

For example, for most households switching from gas to electric heating offers the greatest cost savings. However, for those with a gas hot water system that is nearing the end of its life, preparing to switch to an electric heat pump might be a better first step.  

The Victorian Government recently added new rebates for heating and cooling and hot water to its Victorian Energy Upgrades for households program, adding further to the potential savings. 

The campaign also provides an opportunity to remind Hume residents of the benefits of installing solar. In addition to rebates from the Victorian Government, the Hume Household Solar Rollout program also offers a $700 rebate for concession card holders. More than 200 households in Hume have installed solar through the program. 

The Electrify Everything campaign is led by Hume’s neighbour, Merri-bek City Council, which co-developed a suite of resources with Mornington Peninsula Shire and other councils after conducting research into attitudes about and knowledge of all-electric homes. 

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Quotes attributable to Mayor of Hume City, Councillor Joseph Haweil  

“There are many benefits of all-electric homes – they are cheaper to run, they are healthier for your family and are better for our environment.” 

“We want to emphasise that there are options for all types of households to use energy efficiently and contribute to a clean energy future. There are steps you can take as a renter or homeowner, a young family or a retired couple.”  

“As a growth area Council there is a real opportunity for us to inform new home buyers. Buying a fully electric home is the easiest way to go all-electric and future-proof your investment.” 

“Given the ongoing cost of living pressures that many in our community are facing, the Hume Household Solar Rollout program is an effective way for residents to save money and help keep our environment clean now and into the future.”