Operating a beauty or health premises


All beauty therapy, hairdressing, tattooing, skin penetration, colonic irrigation and accommodation premises must register with us prior to operation. These businesses must comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2009 and associated regulations.

Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) carry out routine inspections. Businesses registered by Council are assessed to ensure they are carrying out correct hygienic practices and complying with standards of practice. New businesses are required to submit plans prior to fit out of the premises for approval.

Before you apply for your Certificate of Registration, there are some things you need to do.


Approval to open a beauty or health business

Step 1.Contact Council

Call Council's Building and Planning department on 9205 2200 to discuss your premises and any construction work.

Step 2.Complete application form

Fill out Council’s PHWB Act application form(PDF, 317KB), your application MUST also include a copy of your premises floor plans.

Step 3.Payment

Pay the application fee of $260.00 listed on the form.

You should not commence construction work on your premises until you have received advice that your application for registration has been approved. Council's Environmental Health Officer may require the removal or changes to any construction work that has not been approved as part of your application for registration.

Once you have approval, you will need to take steps to register your beauty or health premise as well.

Register your new beauty or health business

Once you have confirmation of approval to open your beauty or health premises from Council, you must then:

Step 1.Complete a Public Health and Wellbeing Act Registration form

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act Registration form will be provided to the owner once final approval to open your premises has been granted.

Step 2.Pay the registration fee

Registration fees can vary depending on your premises and the services you provide. The fee will be included on your Public Health and Wellbeing Act Registration form or alternatively you can contact Council's Public Health Unit for further information.

Step 3.Approval to take up to 15 days

You must not commence operation until you are 'in possession' of a Certificate of Registration under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2009.

If you are looking to buy an existing registered beauty therapy, tattooing, skin penetration, colonic irrigation or accommodation business you will need to transfer the current registration into your name.

Council's Public Health Unit needs to be informed of the change in ownership prior to settlement.

Prior to the Transfer of Registration being approved, you will need to provide:

  • A copy of Council's Public Health and Wellbeing Act - Transfer Form (signed by both the current proprietor and new proprietor).
  • Payment of the applicable transfer fee.

Please contact Council's Public Health Unit to obtain a copy of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act - Transfer Form.

Please note: Hairdressers & Low-Risk Beauty cannot be transferred, a new application form must be submitted.

Pre-purchase transfer inspection

You can request a pre-purchase transfer inspection of the premises before settlement. Pre-purchase transfer inspections are not mandatory, but they are recommended. The inspection gives potential new owners valuable information about the standard of the premises and how to be compliant with the relevant acts and regulations.

Request for a Health Department Inspection Form(PDF, 200KB)

  • There is a fee of $560.00 for the inspection and report that needs to be paid when submitting the request.
  • A release form from the current proprietor is required before an inspection report is issued due to privacy laws.

If you are planning on altering the layout of your beauty, hair, skin penetration, tattoo or health business; or changing the type of services you provide, then you may need to submit additional plans for approval.

Contact our Council's Public Health Unit on 9205 2200 to discuss your plans.

You must have the correct permits and approvals in place if you want to change the use of an existing building to a beauty and health premises.

To change the use of a building, you will need to apply for a:

All beauty and health premises will also need to be registered with Council's Environmental Health Department and to comply with relevant legislation.

For further information, contact a building surveyor or Council's Environmental Health Department on 03 93 05 2200 or contactus@hume.vic.gov.au

View the Changing the Use of a Building Fact Sheet(PDF, 123KB) for more information.

Council’s Environmental Health Officers regularly inspect hairdressers, personal care and body art businesses to ensure safe and hygienic practices, including supporting compliance through providing advice and information.

Environmental Health Officers also respond to complaints concerning health and beauty premises. If you have any concerns regarding public complaints about poor hygiene and infection control practices in any health and beauty premises please contact Council's Public Health Unit.

It will help if you can provide specific details of the problems you have observed when making your complaint. In the case of a suspected skin condition or infectious disease, you should contact your doctor as well as reporting the problem to Public Health Services. Council can only respond to complaints within our municipality. If you have a complaint about a business located outside Hume City, please contact the relevant Council where the premises are located.