Dogs in parks

Dogs in parks

Before you head out with your dog, don't forget that, under Victoria's Domestic Animals Act 1994, dogs in all public areas within the municipality are required to:

  • Wear a current registration tag.
  • Be kept under control by means of a chain, cord or leash which is held by the owner and not more than three metres long (unless in an area that is specifically designated 'dogs off leash').
  • Not threaten, chase, rush or attack any person or animal.

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Dog parks

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Important park rules:
  • Dogs must wear a collar.
  • Dogs must wear current Council registration tags.
  • Dogs must be fully supervised.
  • Dogs must be under effective voice control.
  • Dogs must be on leash outside the dog parks.
Other considerations:
  • Maximum of two dogs per person.
  • Dogs must be six months or older.
  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated.
  • Aggressive dogs are not welcome.
  • Children under five are not permitted.
  • Children under 14 are not allowed to supervise dogs.
  • No chokers or spiked collars.
  • No toys or rough handling.
  • No food in dog parks, training treats excepted.
  • The owner must carry a leash, one for each dog under their control.
  • Owners must clean up and place faeces and any other rubbish in the bins provided.

Owners and supervisors of dogs are legally responsible for any injury or damage caused by their dogs.

Off leash areas

Designated dogs off leash areas are public places where dogs are permitted to be off their leash, but where dog owners must have effective control of their dogs and must abide by relevant rules and regulations. 

There are more than 40 designated dogs off leash areas in Hume City. You can find the closed off leash area to your address using our My Local Area mapping tool. 

Find the closest off leash area to your home. 

You can also view maps of dogs off leash areas(PDF, 32MB)

The type of access for off leash activities can vary from location to location. Some locations are known for off leash activities and are primarily available for dog use. There are locations dogs have restricted access due to shared use (e.g. sportsground) or time restrictions due to proximity to adjacent uses (e.g. schools).

Things to remember:

In designated dogs off leash areas the owner must

  • Be in sight of their dog and their dog must dog responds their command whether verbal or visual.
  • Carry a leash (one for each dog).
  • Pick up after their dog.

Owners and their dogs must also comply with any site-specific rules and regulations, including but not limited to time restrictions and regulations associated with fenced off leash areas.

Dogs must be brought under effective control if within 10 metres of the following: 

  • a car park or roadway
  • an outdoor exercise area
  • a formal picnic area formal including public barbecue facilities or a permanent picnic shelter, even if these facilities are in a designated dogs off leash area
  • sporting events and training
  • a shared footpath or trail, nor impede other people using trails
  • a school or preschool boundary
  • wetlands or a water body
  • a market or community event e.g. festival, fun run. 

Other restrictions include:

  • Dogs are also required to be on leash within 50 metres of a playspace, playground, BMX/skate facility or similar.
  • Dogs off leash areas adjacent to schools will revert to dogs on leash areas during the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday on school days.

Where dogs can't go

There are a number of public places where dogs are not allowed. This includes:

  • sportsfields (unless the sportsfield is a designated dogs off leash area).
  • bodies of water (do not allow your dog to swim in creeks or wetlands).
  • within the boundary of a playspace, BMX/skate facility, or similar facility.

There are a number of designated dogs prohibited areas across Hume City. This is to protect conservation areas and wildlife, or for safety reasons. Examples of areas where dogs may not be allowed includes:

  • open space with significant natural values
  • open space at a risk to public safety via significant erosion issues
  • open space with significant cultural heritage value
  • cemeteries.

View the list of dogs prohibited areas (with maps)(PDF, 9MB)


Things to remember 

  • Dogs must not be tied up within 10 metres of a school or preschool entry.
  • Dogs must not be tied up near a pathway such that they can encroach onto the pathway.
  • Dogs over 3 months of age to be registered with Council and be wearing a current registration tag when in a public place.
  • Dog owners to carry a receptacle for the effective removal of any excrement left by their dog and pickup and appropriately dispose of any excrement left by their dog.

All areas within Hume City Council are on leash areas unless signage states otherwise.