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Check out how you can further develop your club by getting involved with the following programs.

Access for All Abilities (Sport and Recreation)

What is the Access for all Abilities program? 

The Access for All Abilities (AAA) program was implemented to act as the first point of call for people with disabilities looking for sporting opportunities, through the provision of Access for All Abilities Play. AAA is funded by Reclink Australia.

AAA Play 

AAA Play is a free information and referral service to assist Melbourne people of all ages with a disability to become involved in sport and active recreation. With personal assistance from AAA Play, you can discover a new sporting challenge now! Visit the AAA Play website or call today to discover the huge amount of sports and active recreation activities close to your home and available for people of all abilities.

For more information on how your local sports club can get involved, you can contact the Access All Abilities coordinators at the relevant State Sports Association. 

Good Sports Program

What is the Good Sports Program?

The Good Sports program is an initiative of the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) to develop safer and healthier communities. The program helps sporting clubs manage alcohol responsibly and reduce alcohol related problems such as binge and underage drinking.

Alcohol and sport are historically closely linked in Australia. Most major sporting competitions and teams promote and advertise alcohol consumption and many sports clubs have a tradition of heavy drinking. A large number of clubs depend on revenue from alcohol to finance club activities.

Displaying the Good Sports logo sends an important message to club members and the community. This confirms that the club promotes a responsible attitude towards alcohol and that it provides a safe environment for players, members, families and supporters.

How does the program work?

The key strategy of Good Sports is the accreditation program. The three level accreditation criteria consist of a set of alcohol management standards for clubs that serve and consume alcohol.

  • Level 1 - Liquor license, bar management (RSA training), smoke-free.
  • Level 2 - Maintenance of Level 1, enhance bar management (RSA training etc.), food and drink options (low and non-alcoholic), safe transport policy, diverse revenue generation.
  • Level 3 - Maintenance of Level 1 & 2, alcohol management policy.

For these levels, the club must promote their involvement in the program to their members.

If a club does not serve or consume alcohol they may apply for Level 0.

  • Level 0 - Alcohol-free facilities, Smoke-free, diverse revenue generation, Promotion (Good Sports Program), Safe transport policy, Alcohol management policy.

Hume Good Sports accredited clubs

The following are accredited Hume Good Sports clubs:

  • Level 0 - Gowanbrae (Cricket), Hume Little Athletics (Athletics), Northern Thunder Junior Rugby League (Rugby)
  • Level 1 - Sunbury Basketball Association (Basketball).
  • Level 2 - East Sunbury Sporting Group (AFL Football, Cricket & Netball), Greenvale Sports Club (AFL Football & Cricket)
  • Level 3 - Sunbury Softball Association (Softball), Broadmeadows Basketball Association (Basketball), Craigieburn Bowling Club (Bowling), Craigieburn Cricket Club (Cricket), Craigieburn Cricket Club (Cricket), Craigieburn Football Club (AFL Football), Craigieburn Superules Football Club (AFL Football), Gladstone Park Bowling Club (Bowls), Gladstone Park Cricket Club (Cricket), Greenvale Sport and Game Fishing Club (Fishing), Jacana Cricket Club (Cricket), Jacana Football Club (Football), Meadow Park Soccer Club (Soccer), Roxburgh Park Broadmeadows Cricket Club (Cricket), Roxburgh Park Football Club (AFL Football), Rupertswood Football Club (AFL Football), Sunbury Cricket Club (Cricket), Sunbury Football Club (AFL Football),  Sunbury Kangaroos Football Netball Club (AFL Football & Netball), Sunbury United Rugby League (Rugby), Westmeadows Cricket Club (Cricket), Westmeadows Football Club (AFL Football), Westmeadows Tennis Club (Tennis).


Training and External Grant Opportunities

To find out the latest grant opportunities that could help support your club, you can visit the following,

State Sport Associations

For more information, please contact the Sport and Recreation team on 9205 2200 or email