Kindergarten is a play-based educational program led by qualified Early Childhood Teachers. Kindergarten is offered to all children in the two years before they start school.

Kindergarten is free and supports every Victorian child to get the best start in life no matter where they live. It is strongly encouraged that all children attend kinder programs for two years before school as a crucial part of their educational journey. 

Why is kindergarten important?

Research shows that two years of kindergarten are better than one and taking part in a quality kindergarten program at an earlier age, increases children’s learning, development, health, and wellbeing. It also benefits vulnerable children who may need extra support to achieve better developmental outcomes. 

If you have any questions or concerns please email or call 9205 2538, alternatively phone 9205 2200.

Statement of commitment

Hume City Council is a child safe organisation with a zero tolerance for child abuse. Council actively listens to and supports children to be strong, confident and self-determined citizens. Council provides a safe working environment that values child safety, diversity and inclusion for all children aged 0 – 18 and adheres to the Victorian Child Safe Standards and related legislation. For more information view Child Safe and Wellbeing.