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At Hume City Council, we understand that children are unique individuals and our educational program caters to each child’s individual needs. We acknowledge the diverse traditional values held by families in our communities and within our centres therefore we understand the importance of creating a warm and inviting environment.

Hume City Council's Early Years Services have developed policies for the safety and wellbeing of children and educators which can be found below.

If you would like to provide feedback or have any concerns in relation to any of our policies, please complete the 'Was this page helpful?' section at the bottom of this page.

Family Handbook

It's hard to know what to expect when you are first enrolling in one of Hume's Early Childhood Services.  To make it easier, our Family Handbook is available for you.  The handbook is available online and at all services. 

The Family Handbook contains helpful information on what to bring on your child's first day and other useful information such as links to government sites with information about the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and any benefits you may be entitled to.

We encourage you to become familiar with the content as there is important information that will help you ensure a smooth transition and enjoyable experience for you and your child.

Further information about our educational services is available in the foyer at each service location and the reference section of the manual provides additional resources.  You can also read the Kindergarten Enrolment Policy(PDF, 303KB) and Long Day Care Policy(PDF, 659KB) for further information.

View the Family Handbook(PDF, 6MB)

For enquiries, please email us at or contact our Enrolment Officer at 9205 2538.

Early Years Policy Framework

Hume City Council recognises that families are the primary influence in their children's lives, and have important beliefs regarding the education and care of their children and the experiences in which their children should be able to participate.

The Early Years Policy Framework provides important information and includes all relevant regulatory references, National Quality Standards and procedures in service programs.

This Framework provides detailed information which complements the Children's Services Family Handbook(PDF, 6MB)

Policies, procedures and guidelines are reviewed on a regular basis.  We welcome suggestions and feedback from families.

All documents relating to educational services are available and can be accessed in the foyer at each service.  The relevant websites and resources are included in this framework for your information.

Two options are available for viewing of this policy.  Choose to download the full policy, or select individual specific policies based on your interest.

View the Early Years Policy Framework(PDF, 6MB)

Individual Policies

Acceptance & Refusal of Authorisations(PDF, 66KB)  Family Violence Support(PDF, 120KB)
Administration of First Aid(PDF, 147KB)  Fees Policy(PDF, 85KB) 
Administration of Medication(PDF, 111KB)  Food Safety(PDF, 102KB) 
Anaphylaxis (PDF, 93KB) Hygiene(PDF, 614KB) 
Asthma(PDF, 78KB)  Incident, Injury, Trauma & Illness(PDF, 106KB) 
Child Safe Environment (PDF, 234KB) Inclusion and Equity(PDF, 84KB) 
Code of Conduct(PDF, 107KB)  Information and Communication Technology(PDF, 147KB) 
Compliments and Complaints(PDF, 71KB)  Interactions with Children(PDF, 79KB) 
Dealing with Infectious Diseases(PDF, 271KB)  Mental Health and Wellbeing(PDF, 70KB) 
Dealing with Medical Conditions (PDF, 86KB) Nutrition, Oral Health & Active Play(PDF, 91KB) 
Delivery & Collection of Children (PDF, 125KB) Occupational Violence and Aggression(PDF, 126KB) 
Determining Responsible Person(PDF, 80KB)  Participation of Volunteers & Students (PDF, 84KB)
Diabetes(PDF, 103KB)  Privacy & Confidentiality(PDF, 258KB) 
Educational Program(PDF, 65KB)  Sleep and Rest(PDF, 98KB)
Emergency & Evacuation(PDF, 79KB)  Road Safety Education & Safe Transport(PDF, 107KB) 
Enrolment and Orientation - Long Day Care(PDF, 125KB) Safe Arrival of Children(PDF, 67KB)  
Enrolment and Orientation - Kindergarten(PDF, 170KB)  Staffing(PDF, 79KB) 
Environmental Sustainability(PDF, 114KB) Staff Grievances(PDF, 86KB) 
Epilepsy(PDF, 128KB) Sun Protection (PDF, 144KB)
ESafety for Children(PDF, 79KB) Supervision of Children(PDF, 84KB) 
Excursions and Service Events(PDF, 100KB) Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Alcohol and Other Drugs(PDF, 74KB) 

Water Safety (PDF, 68KB)

Other Policies

Hume City Council reviews policies, procedures and guidelines on a regular basis.  We welcome suggestions and feedback from families.

Other policies of interest include:

Long Day Care Policy(PDF, 659KB)

Kindergarten Enrolment Policy(PDF, 303KB)

Occasional Care Policy(PDF, 199KB)