Networks for Young People

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Connect with services and organisations that provide support and guidance to young people.

Peer Connect

The Peer Connect website which provides practical information about peer networks for people with a disability in Australia. A peer support network is where people get together as equals to provide support to each other because of similar experiences or circumstances in their life. There is evidence that peer support can help people feel more confident, knowledgeable, capable, and less isolated.

The Good People Act Now

The Good People Act Now (GPAN) Project was established in 2014 in response to the high rates of family violence incidences in Hume. Since 2014, GPAN has trained hundreds of young people to be gender equity champions and active bystanders in their communities.  GPAN are a youth led community group in Broadmeadows, Victoria, working to promote gender equality and end violence against women in Hume. They promote our message through community campaigns, local events, sporting clubs and schools in a variety of ways, including live performance, info sessions, movie making and social media.

Koorie Youth Council

Koorie Youth Council (KYC) is the representative body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in Victoria. Guided by their Executive of 15 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and our state-wide network, KYC values the diversity and strength of young people as decision-makers. KYC advocate to government and community to advance the rights and representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. 

Multicultural Youth Network

The Multicultural Youth Network advises the Victorian Government on issues that affect young, multicultural Victorians. Members include young people from a range of faiths, cultures, ages and locations. It was established in September 2007 and meets once a month. 

Youth Affairs Council Victoria

Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic) advocate for young people and represent the youth sector to uphold the rights of all young Victorians. YACVic provide opportunities for young people to have a say, which are posted on YACVic’s website regularly. Be sure to check it out!