Council Strategies and Plans

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Our Climate Action Plan is a key to our climate change response. It aims to enhance and expand action in response to the urgency and magnitude of the current climate situation. The plan covers three broad spheres of influence:

  • Council operations (where Council has the highest level of control and responsibility for climate action).
  • Across Hume City (where Council can make a difference as a statutory authority, a service provider, facilitator and advocate).
  • Further afield (as an advocate for climate action that also benefits other communities beyond Hume City).

The Gender Equality Action Plan (2021-2025) sets out how Hume City Council will advance gender equality in our organisation and provide equal rewards, resources and opportunities to staff regardless of gender identity.

 Priority themes in the plan include:

  • Fostering an inclusive, safe and equitable workplace
  • Actively considering gender equality in Council's recruitment practices and professional development
  • Promoting gender equality in our internal communications and strategic documents.
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