Planning Permits

A planning permit is a legal document issued by Council allowing for the use or development of a specific property. A planning permit is only required for certain uses and developments, while a building permit is required to construct any building or dwelling. 

If required, a planning permit needs to be granted before a building permit can be issued. 


Step 1.Preparation

Check your property's title at Landata, review the Hume Planning Scheme, and decide on whether to hire a private planning consultant.

Step 2.Pre-Application Meeting

Meet with Council officers with your draft plans, proposal explanation, current certificate of title, and neighbourhood and site description plans. This meeting can identify potential issues with the proposal and can streamline the application process. 

Pre-Application Meeting Request Form

About Pre-Application Meetings

Step 3.Submit Application

Submit your application to Council along with the application fee, planning proposal summary, cost estimate, certificate of title, development plans, and a planning report.

Step 4.Council Review

Council reviews the application and requests additional information if needed. The application may be referred to other departments or authorities.

Step 5.Public Notice Period

If required, Council will advertise the application at the property, send letters to nearby properties, and place the application on Council's website for the public to view. Members of the public will have at least 14 days to make an objection to the application.

Step 6.Council Assessment

After the advertising period, Council acknowledges objections. Applications with six or more objections are referred to a full Council meeting.

Step 7.Decision

Council will issue either a planning permit, a notice of decision to grant a planning permit, or refuse to grant a planning permit. Appeals can be lodged with VCAT within specified timeframes. If Council fails to decide the application within 60 days, the applicant can appeal to VCAT. 


Step 1.View Applications

You can view planning applications currently being advertised to the public at Applications at Advertising

Step 2.Lodge an Objection

Online Objection Form or fill out a paper Objection Form(PDF, 49KB) and return it to

Application Forms

Application for Planning Permit(PDF, 316KB) - use this form when lodging a planning application.

Application to Amend a Planning Permit(PDF, 70KB) - use this form when lodging an application to amend an existing planning permit or endorsed plans.

Application for Information on Planning Controls(PDF, 120KB) - this document provides information about whether a planning permit is required for a use or development on your land.

Application for VicSmart Planning Permit(PDF, 415KB) - use this form when lodging a planning application under the VicSmart provisions.

Declaration to Amend a Current Planning Application(PDF, 104KB) - use this form to amend plans or information being assessed in a current planning application.

Request for Extension of Time(PDF, 168KB) - this is used to apply for an extension to the expiry date of a planning permit that has been issued.

Secondary Consent Application(PDF, 82KB) - use this form when submitting a request to make minor changes to endorsed plans.

Demolition Application Form S29A(PDF, 18KB) - use this form for proposed Demolition requests.

Request for Copy of Planning Permits and endorsed Plans(PDF, 167KB) - use this form to request copies of existing permits and endorsed plans

General Factsheets on the Planning Process

General Planning Information Fact Sheet(PDF, 567KB)

Planning Permit Pre-Application Meeting Fact Sheet(PDF, 188KB)

How to Complete the Application For Planning Permit Form(PDF, 320KB)

Decision Timelines for Planning Applications(PDF, 291KB)

Understanding the Advertising Process of a Planning Permit Application(PDF, 270KB)

Appeals to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Fact Sheet(PDF, 247KB)

Can my Property Be Subdivided?(PDF, 316KB)

Changing the Use of a Building Fact Sheet(PDF, 123KB)

Boarding Houses and Rooming Houses Fact Sheet(PDF, 371KB)


Application Checklists

General Planning Application Checklist(PDF, 496KB)

Advertising Signage - Planning Application Checklist(PDF, 169KB)

Building Works (excluding dwellings) Planning Application Checklist(PDF, 349KB)

Change of Use Planning Application Checklist(PDF, 372KB)

Liquor License Application Checklist(PDF, 329KB)

Neighborhood and Site Description and Design Response Planning Application Checklist(PDF, 340KB)

New Dwellings or House Extensions in the Heritage Overlay(PDF, 530KB)

Rescode Checklist for Multiple Dwellings(PDF, 231KB)

Satellite Dish Planning Application Checklist(PDF, 414KB)

Single Dwelling on Lot under 300 Square Metres(PDF, 504KB)

Events on Private Land Fact Sheet(PDF, 599KB)


Use and Development Guidance and Information

Landscaping Guidelines for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Landscapes(PDF, 3MB)

Social Impact Assessment Planning Policy and Guidelines(PDF, 389KB)

Non-Standard Street Lighting Policy(PDF, 19KB)

Seabrook Reserve Fact Sheet(PDF, 3MB)

Permeable Pavement With a Lined and Drained Sub-base Fact Sheet 3(PDF, 537KB)

Raingardens with Linear and Subsoil Drainage Fact Sheet 2(PDF, 758KB)

Industrial Stormwater Code of Practice(PDF, 5MB)

Industrial Stormwater Code of Practice Fact Sheet Intro(PDF, 418KB)

Roxburgh Park Development Guidelines(PDF, 6MB)

Guidelines for Waste Collection from Multi-Unit Developments (MUD) Planning(PDF, 281KB)

Development Plan Guidelines 2010(PDF, 10MB)