Local Laws

Local Laws play an important role in helping to improve our neighbourhoods and keep our community safe.

Council's City Laws team ensures that Local Laws, State Acts and Regulations are adhered to through education and enforcement.

Hume City General Purpose Local Law No. 1 2023(PDF, 385KB) is in effect as of 12.01am Monday 4 September 2023.

Building and Works Code of Practice 2023(PDF, 614KB) Annexure to the General Purposes Local Law No.1 2023. 

What’s new?

Our new Local Laws include updates that reflect the current needs of our residents, and in some cases the introduction of new laws to maintain the safety and wellbeing of our community.  

We are helping keep our streets clean by: 

  • Getting tougher on supermarket to make sure trolleys are returned
  • Requiring permits for clothing bins to avoid textile dumping grounds
  • New penalties for people defacing public property

We are getting tougher on people threatening everyday safety by:

  • Penalising hoon driving spectators to stop the event before it begins
  • Adding to the state’s tobacco Act to widen our smoke-free zones 

We are meeting the wellbeing needs of our residents by: 

  • Providing exemptions for people to camp in public areas where needed
  • Allowing open air burning where appropriate, or not when it’s a nuisance

Key updates

Camping and temporary homes

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Rising costs of living and the rental crisis mean that more and more people are finding themselves homeless. While it is an offence under the local law to camp in a public area, the new local law allows Council to provide exemptions on compassionate grounds.

Hoon driving

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Council frequently hears community concerns regarding hoon driving in neighbourhoods and streets across our municipality. While Victoria Police have several powers to address hooning behaviour once the event has occurred, the new local law goes further to stop these events before they occur by imposing penalties for spectators of these events.  

Open Air Burning

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Council’s new local law recognises the legitimate use of appliances such as bbqs and fire pits for cooking, warmth and cultural practice. In addition to allowing these activities to occur, the new local law introduced new requirements and penalties where these activities become a nuisance to others.

Protection of public assets

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Unfortunately, many parks and infrastructure across the community are defaced and damaged. The new local law introduces new penalties for those who damage public assets.

Shopping Trolleys

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Dumped shopping trolleys are unsightly and pose safety risks for pedestrians and users of Council footpaths, parks and reserves. The new local law introduces new requirements and penalties for retailers, requiring them to: Have their trade name clearly marked on trolleys – ensuring Council can take enforcement action. Have coin-operated or perimeter constraint systems. Ensure trolleys are securely contained outside business hours.

Smoke free environments

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Smoking causes significant health harms to smokers, as well as others through secondhand smoke exposure. While the Victorian Tobacco Act prohibits smoking within and surrounding some areas, new clauses have been included in the local law to allow Council to introduce smoke-free zones in other areas. 

Unsightly and Dangerous Properties

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An owner or occupier of private property must ensure that their property does not provide a danger to the health of another person, animal or property. Our new local laws now include increased penalties for individuals that consistency let their properties become dirty, overgrown and unclean.