Grass and weed maintenance

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Warmer spring weather combined with rain creates the perfect conditions for rapid grass growth in our local parks and reserves across Hume City.

We've added four additional mowing crews to work across Hume for the next three months to combat this busy growth season. This makes a total of 25 mowing crews covering 20,000,000 square meters of grass.  

If you have any concerns, we encourage you to use the Snap Send Solve app to report a problem and it will be directed to the appropriate authority to action. 

What Council is doing during this season

  • Four additional mowing crews will help with during the growth season to ensure our mowing cycle meet the standards 
  • We have commenced our spraying operations sooner to help our mowing operations progress quicker
  • The turf team also undertake selective herbicide spraying at various high profile sites around the Hume municipality, this helps to reduce the weed infestation, while keeping the turf cover, tidy and uniform
  • The horticulture team will be removing and reducing weed species. 

Maintenance schedule

Our target is to mow 95% of our parks and reserves every four-weeks (some every two-weeks) alongside maintenance such as weekly or fortnightly brush cutting, litter pick-up and mulching works.  

Service level explanation of turf management:

  • Level one – popular locations with high foot traffic are serviced weekly/fortnightly with litter collected weekly. Eg Galaxyland and Jack Roper.
  • Level two – Fortnightly service, high profile sites with less attention to detail.
  • Level three – 80% of sites. Less detail in garden beds and longer turf.


Non-council owned roads

Council may not always have the authority to address concerns along certain roadways, for example major roads are sometimes managed by the Department of Transport and Planning (eg. VicRoads).

The Department of Transport (VicRoads) are responsible for the roadside maintenance of the following roads: 

  • Sydney Road
  • Pascoe Vale Road 
  • Mickleham Road 
  • Somerton Road 
  • Craigieburn Road 
  • Donnybrook Road 
  • Camp Road 
  • Johnstone Street 
  • Oaklands Road (Somerton Road – Sunbury Road) 
  • Sunbury Road 
  • Bulla Road 
  • Melbourne – Lancefield Road 
  • Riddel Road 
  • Gap Road 
  • Vineyard Road 
  • Horne Street

To ensure your concerns are directed to the appropriate authority we encourage you to use the Snap Send Solve app to report a problem.