Acknowledging Amazing Hume Locals

Published on 26 January 2021

Today Hume welcomed new citizens to our city, and recognised the many people in our community who take time out of their busy lives to help and inspire others.


Hume City Council has a proud tradition of publicly recognising outstanding contributions made to the Hume community through the presentation of the Australia Day Awards.


These are the incredible people who work behind the scenes who help make our schools, clubs, fundraisers, community activities and events great. They don’t do the work they do for the thanks – but as a community it is important we take the time to recognise and acknowledge their dedication to our community.


The 2021 Hume City Council Australia Day Awards were presented at a private ceremony on Tuesday 26 January 2021 at Town Hall Broadmeadows.

2021 Award Winners

Hume Citizen of the Year

Joseph Youhana is well-known for his show of support for members within our community at Hume. He is passionate about mentoring and leading youth, encouraging them to volunteer and get involved in various leadership and ethnic groups.

Joseph has done a great deal of work with former refugee communities, helping with settlement by forging social connections, and guiding education and employment pathways. He is passionate about improving the connection between non-government organisations and grass-root communities through partnerships like Victoria Parks. Additionally, Joseph has been an active member of the Hume Multicultural Action Plan since 2019 where he continues to play an important link, connecting all government levels with cultural and linguistically diverse communities in Hume.

This award recognises Joseph’s contribution across the city and how his efforts have significantly helped shape the lives of many people within our community.

Hume Citizen of the Year

Emel Huseyin has been recognised for her passion and drive to create a better community in all facets. Emel is generous with her time, and volunteers for more than 10 community groups in Hume such as; Northern Health Hospitals, Homestead Community Centre, and Centenary of Federation to name a few. No matter what Emel invests her time and energy in, she always promises to leave it in a better place than it was before.

This award recognises Emel’s countless volunteer efforts across the community.

Hume Young Citizen of the Year

Berat Kaya has been chosen as Hume’s Young Citizen of the Year for his dedication in developing programs and initiatives through The Brotherhood of St Laurence to better the lives of young people within Hume.

When Berat moved to Australia, he experienced isolation and as a result, lacked confidence. He has shown that through community involvement, he could realise his passion which is when he became committed to youth leadership. As an aspiring youth leader, Berat was appointed as a manager for a Youth Leadership Group and has ambitions to complete a Diploma of Criminology / Youth Work, where he hopes to develop a career in Youth Justice.

This award recognises Berat’s commitment and passion within the Hume community.

Hume Senior Citizen of the Year

Charlie Grech has been chosen as Hume’s Senior Citizen of the Year for his outstanding service and commitment to the Hume community for over 40 years.

A councillor for nine years with the former City of Broadmeadows, Charlie has always been an advocate for the community, working to address local issues. Charlie has been involved in significant community projects including the Broadmeadows Hospital, Rotary Park on Johnston Street, and the establishment of Northern Brite Industries, along with many others. Additionally, Charlie has held various responsibilities within the community since 1978 including, President and Secretary of the Greenvale Residents Association, and President, Treasurer, and Committee Member at the Rotary Club of Broadmeadows.

This award recognises Charlie as a long-serving and dedicated member of the Hume community. Accepting the award on Charlie's behalf was his son, Charles Grech, and his family.

Hume Community Event of the Year

The Community Event of the Year Award recognises events that provide positive social and economic benefits and demonstrate the spirit of community participation.

The Sunbury Blue Light Disco has become an established event on the calendar since 1979, providing the local community, in particular primary school children, with the opportunity to participate in recreational activity while fostering positive relationships with the local Police. Sunbury Blue Light Disco’s aim is to prevent crime, reduce youth homelessness and improve mental health outcomes through early intervention and engagement delivered through their program. With six events a year, and up to 350 children attending each event, it presents the ideal opportunity to build a connection between young people and their community.

We thank the countless Police, volunteers, and local stakeholders, who work tirelessly to deliver these events for the youth of Hume City.