Information for Federal Election candidates on political advertising

Published on 04 May 2022


Hume City Council is writing to all candidates who have nominated in the forthcoming Federal Election 2022 to advise that political advertising is not permitted on Council property including road reserves.

Any political advertising signage found on Council property, including leased premises or Council road reserves will be removed. If you have such signage on Council property including leased areas and road reserves, please remove the signage immediately.

Council officers will be removing any signage that is not permitted. Note that financial penalties based on the penalty units set by the Victorian Treasurer apply.

Please note candidates are also required to have permits for A-board or to distribute leaflets. More information can be found in our General Local Law.

Find details of regulations that apply to signage on private property and within VicRoads Reserves on our political advertising page. Failure to comply can result in penalties to both the land owner and the candidate.