3 peoples hands holding a small model house

What is homelessness? 

People are considered homeless if they do not have accommodation that is safe, secure and appropriate.

Homelessness takes many forms. It includes:

  • People sleeping rough – (on the streets, in cars or improvised dwellings).
  • People moving between forms of temporary shelter – (couch surfing, caravans, emergency accommodation, boarding houses).
  • People living in conditions that fall below minimum community standards – (severely overcrowded conditions, living in a single room in a boarding house without access to a kitchen or bathroom).

Homelessness is not a choice, and it can happen to anyone.

What is Council doing in response to homelessness?

We understand that rates of people experiencing an episode of being unhoused in Victoria are rising due to reasons such as unemployment, a lack of affordable housing, domestic violence, family breakdown, mental illness, and financial hardship.

At Council, we are committed to preventing and responding to homelessness, through our work gathering data, sharing information about support services, and advocating for more affordable housing. We also work to ensure people sleeping rough in Hume are treated with care, dignity, safety and respect – recognising the rights of all community members to use public spaces, whilst also recognising our responsibility to ensure we have a safe and peaceful community.

How can I report a concern about someone experiencing homelessness in Hume?  

If you are concerned about the welfare of a homeless person in Hume, you can contact us. If possible, please include detailed information about the location where the person is residing, and identifying features about the person or their circumstances so they can be located. If you would like a response from Council, please include your name and contact details.

If you feel the person may be of danger to themselves or others, or if they have children under the age of 18 years old with them, please call 000.

Where can I access housing and homelessness support?

Emergency assistance

Are you rough sleeping, homeless or at risk of being homeless?

If you require immediate assistance, please call the Homelessness Assistance Number: 1800 825 955 (toll free, 24 hours).

Homelessness services

VincentCare Northern Community Hub

Local homelessness access point 
175 Glenroy Road, Glenroy
Phone: 9304 0100
Open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm
Call or drop in to make an appointment.

St Kilda Crisis Centre

After hours help, open 24-hours
29 Grey Street, St Kilda
Phone: 9536 7777 or 1800 627 727 (toll free)
Call or drop in – no appointment necessary between 9am-11pm, 7 days a week.

Safe Steps

Family Violence Response Centre
Phone: 1800 015 188 (toll free)
24-hour number for people experiencing family violence

Other supports

Ask Izzy website
Enter your postcode to find food, material aid and services near you.

For more information

For more information about Council’s work on housing and homelessness, please contact the Social Planning & Healthy Communities team on pophealth@hume.vic.gov.au or 9205 2200.