Discover Nature in Hume

Hume’s landscape covers an area of approximately 504 square kilometres, and comprises many significant heritage, landscape and biodiversity values. This includes a range of indigenous plants, threatened vegetation communities, wildlife, waterways and sites of cultural and geological significance.

There are many natural areas within Hume which are waiting to be explored. Walking and cycling are the perfect way to explore these areas and a great way to stay fit.

Citizen science involves the public contributing to scientific research with an aim to increase scientific knowledge. You can contribute to a range of important citizen science projects by submitting your observations of nature, simply by using your smart phone.

The Birds of Hume field guide(PDF, 4MB) has photos of 146 different species to help identify your local birds, and get some tips on where to go birdwatching or how to attract more birds to your place.

The Fauna of Hume field guide (PDF, 905KB)shows many of the native and introduced animals found in Hume, including mammals, reptiles and frogs, with advice on how you can help our native wildlife. 

There are a number of community groups working to protect our natural environment by planting and weeding which complements work undertaken by Council. If you are interested in finding out how you can participate, please visit Community Groups for more information, or contact Council’s Sustainable Environment Department on 9205 2200.

Council runs a range of community environmental workshops and events, visit the Events Calendar to find out more.