Agendas, Minutes and Audio Recordings

The Hume City Council meeting agenda will be available for download at 3pm on the Friday prior to the meeting. Minutes of the Council meeting will be available for download at 3pm on the Friday immediately following the Council Meeting. To request a hard copy of the Agenda documents, please contact Customer Service on 9205 2200 for further information. 

You can find upcoming meeting dates by visiting the Council Meeting Dates page. Due to exceptional circumstances surrounding COVID-19, all public Ordinary and Town Planning meetings are currently being streamed live. You can watch the live stream by visiting the Online live Council meetings page. 

A link to the audio recording of each Council meeting can be accessed under the respective meeting date listed below within 48 hours of the meeting.  You can also subscribe to Hume City Council Sound Cloud to listen to meeting recordings.

For information on how to speak to an agenda item or submit a public question to an online meeting visit the Public Question and Public Speaking Time page.

To submit a petition or joint letter to be considered at an Ordinary Meeting of Council visit the Petitions and Joint Letters page.

Agendas, Minutes and Audio Recordings from the previous term of Council can be found at Agendas, Minutes and Audio Recordings of the previous term of Council (2016-2020).