How to contact us

Our multilingual team speaks Arabic and its Lebanese dialect, Turkish, Greek, Hindi and Italian. You can speak to us in one of these languages by calling us on 9205 2200 between 8am to 5pm on the below days:  

Arabic: Mondays and Thursdays

Turkish: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Greek: Wednesdays

Lebanese: Tuesdays and Fridays

Hindi: Fridays

Italian: Mondays

Speak another language? We can still help you. Phone and tell us what language you speak, and we can get an interpreter on the line for free.  

Want us to phone you? We offer a free call back service. Select a preferred time in the below form:   

Phone: 9205 2200 
8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday 

Email: contactus@hume.vic.gov.au 

Please note: When you click through to another webpage it may default to the English language. Choose your preferred language from the drop-down list on the top right-hand side of the page. Some pages on this website use machine translation. Forms on this website are written in English. Call us if you need help completing these. 

Reporting an issue 

Let us know about any issues in Hume, including graffiti, missed or damaged bins, fallen tree branches, blocked drains, potholes in local roads and more.  

Use Snap Send Solve (available on Apple iPhone, Android Smart Phone or web app in English and Simplified Chinese) to report an issue or the form below. Simply let us know where, take a photo and we'll take care of it.  

If your issue poses a safety risk, or you want to speak to someone to make a report, call us on 9205 2200.

What information are you looking for today?

Recycling, Rubbish and Waste Collection

Search here by entering your address to find out what day your bin will be emptied and which week to put out your recycling and food and garden bins.

Rubbish bins (red lid) are emptied every week. 

Recycling bins (yellow lid) are emptied every second week. 

Food and garden bins (green lid) are emptied every second week, alternating with recycling. All food waste can go into your food and garden bin.

If you do not currently have a food and garden bin, please note that every household in Hume will receive one by 1 July 2024.

If you need a different size bin, or one of your bins goes missing or is broken, fill out the online form in English or contact us for help.

We also have free services to help you dispose of difficult rubbish like old furniture, appliances, batteries and tree branches.

You can book in two free hard waste collections from your home each year. Here is a video explaining how to book.

You can also use two free passes each year to take your rubbish to the tip.

We have four Hume Clean Days each year where you can take couches, mattresses, tyres and appliances to the tip for free.

You can take big branches from trees in your garden to our free mulching days. 

You can also take batteries and other recyclable items that you can’t put in your household bins to locations around Hume.

For a detailed guide to all our waste services, including what you can and can’t put in each bin, download our Waste Guide.

دليل النفايات | Waste Guide(PDF, 6MB)


There are five libraries in Hume – in Broadmeadows, Craigieburn, Gladstone Park, Sunbury and Tullamarine. Library membership is free for all community members.

All libraries have Wi-Fi and public computers for use at no charge.

We have books, magazines and other resources in English and your language that you can borrow.

We also run free library programs like bilingual storytime, bilingual computer classes and English conversation groups.

You can join the library in person at any Hume Libraries branch. You will need identification with your current address.


Our community centres offer a range of education, lifestyle and cultural programs including English language classes, basic computer classes and community events. Many of these centres are available to hire for your events or activities.

Community Hubs are located in 15 schools across Hume. The Hubs support families in their children’s learning and provide training opportunities for parents. The Hubs are open to families in the local community as well as school families.


All property owners in Australia pay rates to their local council to provide services to the community like roads, libraries, sporting grounds, kindergarten, and rubbish and recycling services.

Rates payments are due quarterly or you can pay the full amount annually. You can pay your rates online in English or call 9205 2200 and ask to speak to a customer service officer or interpreter in your language. You can also register to receive your rates in your email rather than via mail.

If you’re having trouble paying your rates you can apply for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan. Contact us or apply for Financial Hardship Support online in English.

معلومات رسوم المجلس البلدي | Rates Brochure 2023(PDF, 1MB)

In 2023 the cost of providing waste services was removed from the general rates and Kerbside Waste Charge and Public Waste Charge were listed separately on your rates notice.

We have created a Waste Service Charge fact sheet to provide more detail.

رسوم خدمة النفايات ورقة الوقائع | Waste Service Charge fact sheet(PDF, 205KB)

Pets and animals

All dogs and cats older than 3 months must be microchipped, desexed and registered with us. Pet registration is required by law.

To register your pet for the first time you’ll need:

  • A copy of your pet’s desexing certificate
  • Your pet’s microchip number.

Pet registration must be paid each year by 10 April. We will send out a letter each year to let you know when the renewal fee is due.

To register your dog or cat, please contact us.


We offer an outreach program to support families from multicultural communities to:

  • Register and participate in a kindergarten program.
  • Access any early years services including Maternal and Child Health, Immunisation and Playgroups.
  • Transition from kindergarten to primary school.

To learn more about our program, please contact our CALD Outreach Support Team (interpreters are available):

Amal 0477 177 537 (Arabic speaker)

Pat 0477 339 996

Maternal and child health

We provide a range of free maternal and child health (MCH) services to our community. Our dedicated team of Maternal and Child Health nurses, midwives and parent educators provide information and advice about the care and health of your child. This service is for children from birth to school age. 

Immunisation Program

If you or your family are new to the country, before you can join school or care in Australia, you may need to get vaccinated. Immunisation is a way of keeping yourself, your family and the community safe from harmful infections. 

Our immunisation program is delivered by registered nurses. Immunisation sessions are held regularly at locations across Hume. Book an immunisation session online in English or call our immunisation team on 9356 6745. Interpreters are available. 

If your child has had vaccinations overseas you can ask for a review of their immunisation history to ensure it meets Australian requirements. 

Free catch-up vaccinations are available for people under the age of 20, refugees and people seeking asylum. If your child is overdue for vaccination or you are unsure of what vaccines they require, please contact us on 9356 6745.

Long day care (child care)

Our Long Day Care program (also known as child care) provides education and care for children aged zero to six years old.

We run four Long Day Care Services:

  • Craigieburn Early Childhood Service
  • The Homestead Child and Family Centre
  • Sunningdale Avenue Children's Centre
  • Westmere Children's Services Centre

You can find out more or join the waitlist to enrol your child at your preferred centre on this webpage.


Kindergarten is led by qualified teachers and supports learning through play-based programs. Children are encouraged to start kindergarten when they are 3 years old. 

You can register your child for kindergarten on this website in English. Visit us at any of our drop-in sessions if you need support completing your kindergarten enrolment form, updating your preferences, or want to know more about the kindergarten program. Interpreters are available.


A playgroup is a group of parents or caregivers who get together with their young children for play and social interaction. Playgroups are a place for families to find a sense of belonging to the community, form friendships and share ideas and information.

Find a playgroup that’s suited to you and your child on our website or contact us for help.


We provide support services to help seniors remain active in the community. 

Our Active Ageing Program supports our community to stay healthy and physically active in a fun and friendly way.

There are many opportunities for older people to be involved in the community through our senior citizens centres.

We also provide basic support for individuals and their carers to help them remain independent and safe at home. This includes cleaning, delivering meals, property maintenance, help with showering and installation of rails and ramps to make your home safer. 

Respite care is also available to help provide carers time to do everyday activities, look after themselves and tend to their own needs. 

To access these services you need to be approved and assessed as eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

For more information, please contact us.

Disability Support

We provide accessibility services for residents living with a disability and their carers. This includes support to help people remain independent and safe at home, like cleaning, delivering meals, property maintenance, help with showering and installation of rails and ramps to make your home safer. 

Respite care is also available to help provide carers time to do everyday activities, look after themselves and tend to their own needs.

An assessment is completed prior to a service being provided. Contact us on 9205 2883 to discuss what help might be available to you.

Parking Permits

If you have a significant disability or injury, you may be eligible for an Accessibility Parking Permit. There are different types of permits which allow you to park in accessible parking bays and/or park in regular bays for double the usual time. Accessible Parking Permits may be allocated for a driver, passenger or both.

You can apply on the Accessible Parking website in English or contact us for help.


We run three leisure centres in Broadmeadows, Craigieburn and Sunbury. Join a leisure centre to access swimming pools, group fitness classes and gyms.

You can play basketball, netball, soccer or tennis at any of our free outdoor facilities.

We also provide many sports reserves and facilities across Hume for local sports clubs to use. New members are welcome.

Planning and building permits

If you want to subdivide your property, build, extend or demolish a building you may need a planning or building permit.

For more information, or for help applying please contact us.


Council plays a vital role in Victoria’s emergency management arrangements. We identify and reduce the risk of natural emergencies and work with our community to prepare for things like fires, heatwaves, pandemics and floods

It is important you plan for emergencies for yourself, your family and your pets. The Red Cross has developed useful resources in community languages covering what you may need to do in an emergency.

In the lead up to Summer, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) will declare a ‘Fire Danger Period’. This means that grass or bush fires are more likely to occur than during the rest of the year. Some days during the Fire Danger Period may be called ‘Total Fire Ban Days’. On Total Fire Ban Days, all outdoor cooking using fire like a barbeque or fire pit is banned. This is to help prevent fires starting in the community.

If you live or work next to grassland, parks, paddocks or bush and a grassfire starts, walk at least two streets back from the fire. If you live two or three streets away from grassland and a grassfire starts, stay where you are. Grassfires are unlikely to spread into built-up areas.  

Never drive if you can see smoke or fire. Thick smoke will make it hard to see and traffic jams and accidents are likely. 

Never walk, play, ride or drive in floodwater.

We have worked with Fire Rescue Victoria to share simple things you can do to protect your family and home this fire season.

Jobs and employment

We run a free Local Jobs for Local People Program that connects employers with local job candidates. For support accessing the JobLink portal, contact our JobLink Support Officer on 9205 2363. Interpreters are available.

We also regularly look for more people to join our team at Council, to work on exciting projects that will make a real difference in the community and shape the future of Hume. We're looking for people with a variety of skills, experiences and backgrounds.

What’s in my area?

Click on the map or enter an address to discover what's happening in and around your area. You can find everything from parks and facilities, through to events and projects, as well as who your local councillors are and bin collection days. This information is in English.

Road and infrastructure projects

We're building new community facilities, preschools and neighbourhood houses. We’re reconstructing roads, footpaths, walking and cycling paths and bridges. And we're upgrading sporting reserves, parks and playgrounds. Enter your address in the map to explore what's happening in your area.

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