A playgroup is a group of parents or caregivers with their babies, toddlers and kindergarten aged children who get together regularly for play and social interaction.

Playgroups are fun and relaxed way for you and your child to spend time with each other.

Why join a Playgroup?

Playgroups are a place for families to find a sense of belonging to the community, opportunities to form friendships and share ideas and information.

Playgroups offer children:

  • a place to play and socialise with other children
  • a chance to create, invent, reason and problem solve
  • a safe, stimulating place to play and explore

Playgroups offer adults:

  • a time to play with their children and encourage learning through play
  • a place to meet local families
  • access to parenting information, resources and support services
  • a sense of community involvement and belonging. 

Community Playgroups are usually run at local community centres, schools, places of worship, or parks and are easily accessible by the community.

Some types of Community Playgroups are as follows:

  • Volunteer or Parent led - responsibilities are shared as a collective effort between the groups. These playgroups may request a gold coin donation, membership or sessional fees.
  • People Service led - facilitated in community centres or schools these playgroups often cater for different cultural and practical needs and are a great place to discuss services available to families in Hume.

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You can also visit Playgroup Victoria website.

Many School Hubs throughout Hume run Playgroups during the School Term within school grounds.

These playgroup sessions have facilitators who lead children and parents in play, songs, and caring for community space. Some School Hubs may run playgroup excursions too.

Attending a playgroup within a school can connect families to school communities and your child's future educators.

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Supported playgroups are run by a qualified Early Years Educator. The Educator will guide play and offer parents ideas about things that they can do at home to help their child learn and develop.

The playgroup facilitator can also provide information about other support services and work with parents to use these services. They can also assist with transitioning into Community Playgroups.

A referral is necessary to join a supported playgroup based on eligibility critera below:

  • Hold a Health Care Card (or eligible visa)
  • Identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander 
  • Children are in kinship care arrangements.
  • Have been referred by a Maternal and Child Health nurse or a family support and counselling worker


For more information about supported playgroups contact:

Phone: 9205 2200


Search: Find a Playgroup

Find a Playgroup in the Hume area, including Community, School Hub and Supported Playgroups. 

For more information about what playgroup is right for you reach out to the playgroups team at

If you are interested in adding another playgroup to the list, why not start your own?

New playgroups are created for various reasons such as:

  • a limited amount of playgroups in the area
  • playgroups in the area are full
  • there are no playgroups held on certain days

Running a playgroup doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. All you'll need is a few friends, some toys and a regular meeting spot to get started.

We recommend starting with these steps:

  1. Speak with 2 or more families about starting the playgroup.
  2. Connect with Playgroup Victoria and see their useful link in their guide on starting a playgroup.
  3. Register your Playgroup with Playgroup Victoria 
  4. Reach out to our Playgroup Support Officer to assist you in finding a suitable venue and resourcing your group. 


Contact our team at to discuss your ideas and how we can help get you up and running.