Updates on 280 new projects for our community, 100+ in construction

Published on 29 November 2023


Welcome to a quick wrap up of key items that were discussed at our Council Meeting on Monday 27 November 2023.

1. Capital Works Update

We provided an update on the delivery of our 2023/24 capital works program – which we often refer to as our Building A Better Hume project.

The total revised available funds to be spent in 2023/24 are $117.6m. Of this, a total of $28.5m was spent during the first quarter, leaving a balance of $89.1m to be spent for the remainder of the financial year.

We currently have 280 projects underway with:

  • Complete: 13
  • In operation: 8
  • In construction: 114
  • Procurement stage: 23
  • Plan stage: 80
  • Initiate stage: 23
  • Not commenced: 19

For details on the major projects happening across Council visit our Projects and Works page.

2. Quarterly Budget Report

 We reported on our quarterly budget for the 2022/23 financial year.

As of 30 September 2023, Council has generated $121.5m in revenue and $80.7m in expenses. This has resulted in a surplus of $40.8m which is $18.8m below budget.

This is primarily due to the 2023/24 Victorian Local Government Grants Commission (VGC) grant we received in June 2023. Council’s overall cash position is favourable, and the financial ratios remain strong.

For more details visit our Council Plan and Budget page. 

3. Stormwater Offsets Scheme

We endorsed the release of a proposed stormwater offsets scheme for public exhibition.

The exhibition period will provide the opportunity for our community to provide feedback on a proposed stormwater offset price of $45/m2 for residential developments and $24/m2 for industrial/commercial developments.

The proposed plan will provide funds for Council to deliver projects in our Integrated Water Management Plan 2020-2025.

4. Ending our LGPro Corporate Membership

We agreed to cease our LGPro Corporate Membership and will seek a reimbursement on a pro rata basis of membership paid for the current subscription period. Council expenditure to LGPro for the period Jul 2016 – Aug 2023 totalled $224,967 and $54,812 for the 2023 calendar year so far.

Council will consider alternate and more cost-effective options for future training and professional development of our staff.


More details, including official minutes, notices of motion and audio recordings will be published later this week.