Council Plan and Budget

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Community vision

Our community vision - A sustainable and thriving community with great health, education, employment, infrastructure, and a strong sense of belonging – outlines the community’s aspirations for Hume City’s future. The Vision was developed through a deliberative engagement process with people who live, work, visit or own a business or residence in Hume City.

Our Community Vision is supported by three themes that guide what Council and the community can do together to achieve our long-term aspirations:

  1. A community that is resilient, inclusive, and thriving.
  2. A city that cares about our planet and is appealing and connected.
  3. A Council that inspires leadership, is accountable, and puts the community first.

Download the Community Consultation Summary(PDF, 4MB).

Council Plan

The Council Plan 2021–2025 sets the strategic direction of Council in helping support the delivery of our Community Vision and outlines the themes, strategic objectives and strategies/actions that Council will be undertaking during their four-year term in order to achieve the community’s vision and aspirations. This Council Plan also incorporates the Disability Action Plan, the Community Safety Action Plan and the Pathways to Sustainability.

The Community Vision and Council Plan align with the community priorities and were developed through a deliberative engagement process.

The Council Plan 2021-2025 (2024-25 update) was formally adopted by Council on Monday 24 June 2024. This minor revision of the Council Plan ensures that actions outlined in the plan remain current and meet any changes in priorities.

Download the Council Plan 2021-2025(PDF, 7MB).

Financial Plan

The Financial Plan outlines the financial and non-financial resources for at least the next 10 financial years to support the delivery of the Council Plan and other strategic plans of the Council.

Download the Financial Plan(PDF, 1MB)


Following community consultation our Annual Budget 2024/25 was adopted by Council at its meeting on Monday 24 June, and aims to target the areas where support is needed most. 

This year's budget includes significant investment in libraries, leisure centres, preschools, maternal and child health and aged and disability programs. 

You’ll notice the incoming Waste Service Charge will be implemented as part of this year's budget. Previously, waste charges have been included as part of the general rates but will be listed as a separate line charge to provide more transparency of our waste costs. Separating waste charges from the general rates will bring us in line with all other Councils across Victoria. 

Learn more about the Annual Budget 2024/25(PDF, 3MB)

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