Know my bin day

Waste truck picks up and empties wheelie bin

Use our handy online tool to search your address and find your garbage, recycling and organics bin day.

Know my bin day

You can also use our online tool to find information about your property boundaries and zoning; ward Councillors; and nearby facilities, including dog off-leash areas, playgrounds, childcare centres, schools, libraries and more.

Alternatively, download a copy of the Waste Collection Calendar(PDF, 2MB). Use the 'Know Your Bin Day' link above or the map on the calendar to find your collection area and follow the calendar for your recycling collections. If you have an organics bin it will be collected on the alternate week to your recycling bin.

Public holiday bin collection

If your bins are due to be collected on ANZAC Day, Christmas Day or New Year's Day it will be collected the following day.

If your bins are due to be collected on any other public holiday, your bins will be collected as normal.