Council Meeting Wrap Up - Monday 11 September 2023

Published on 13 September 2023

Council Meeting.png

Welcome to a quick wrap up of three key decisions that were made by Council on Monday 11 September 2023. 

1. Refunds for incorrect infringements

We’ll seek to refund people who were incorrectly given infringements under section 26 of the Domestic Animal Management Act 1994, or cancel outstanding fines. This affects 39 people. Council will attempt to contact all people affected.

2. Grants for sporting greatness

Council awarded 22 grants to help local athletes with sporting expenses. Council’s Sport Aid Grants program is designed to encourage achievement and excellence in sport, with funds being allocated each year to assist local athletes in the pursuit of their dreams on the sporting field.

More details, including official minutes, notices of motion and audio recordings will be published later this week.