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  • Hume Pride Spring
    Catch up on local news, activities and events in the Spring edition of of Hume Pride. Get your favourite magazine anytime, anywhere, any way you like!

Free workshops from Live Green Hume

Want to grow your own vegies, cut your power bills or plant habitat for wildlife? 2015 Live Green bookings are now open.
1 Dec Business events, workshops and seminars

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Oaklands Junction, photographed by Darren Rooney

Shape Hume’s environment

People who would like to shape Hume’s environmental programs are welcome to nominate for the Sustainability Taskforce.
25 Aug Full exposure: camera club exhibits
24 Aug Radio antennas

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Hands on Neighbourhoods Part 2

As part of the Together 3047 project, the Hands on Neighbourhoods Part 2 initiative enables local residents to have a say on priorities for housing and development in their neighbourhood.
Public Toilet Strategy Survey
Sunbury Community, Arts and Cultural Precinct Planning Project

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What's Near Me?

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