Storm damage update

Published on 11 November 2021

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Council crews and contractors have been working hard to clean up the damage created by the strong winds that tore through the municipality on Friday 29 October.

The SES have been busy attending and responding to damage to private property as well.

We've received more than 2,200 clean-up requests, nearly 1,280 of which are related to tree damage. Craigieburn and Sunbury were the hardest hit suburbs.

Storm damage - requests across Hume City

Clean-up requests across Hume City

Each request is triaged, assessed and prioritised by Council. Priority requests, which include those that pose a hazard or risk to community, are being attended to first.

The priority has been to make areas as a safe as possible and trees safe until they can be properly cleaned up after the emergency phase.

While some jobs may be completed on the spot where its safe and practical, larger jobs that are relatively safe will be logged and prioritised for clean-up once the emergency clean-up phase is complete. 

There's a lot of work to do over the coming weeks and we thank you for your patience as we work through the clean-up of trees on footpaths, roads and in parks as quickly as possible.  

We are still receiving many calls and reports. If you have already called or reported storm damage to Council, you do not need to get in touch again.

While we've already cleared a majority of the roads and key walking routes, we'll continue to check and clean footpaths throughout Hume City.

Council has secured several crews that commenced immediately after the storm event. You'll see them removing and chipping less urgent fallen trees and branches over the next few weeks.

Please note all works that were outstanding prior to the storm event will temporarily be put on hold - including driveway crossover permits, tree removal permits and routine tree enquiries. 


How long will the clean-up take?

We expect the clean-up to be completed in late December 2021. 

What do clean-up works include?

We're clearing roads and footpaths, trimming damaged trees, assessing infrastructure and trees to make sure they're safe, and removing fallen branches and trees from public spaces.

Why has only part of the job been completed?

While some jobs may be completed on the spot where its safe and practical, larger jobs that are relatively safe will be logged and prioritised for clean-up once the emergency clean-up phase is complete.  

If I notice a fallen tree or branch, what should I do?

If the fallen tree, branch or fence is on a road or footpath and poses risk to community, please contact Council on 9205 2200 to report it.

If it's on public land, you can report storm damage via our online reporting tool.

There's a fallen tree or branch in my yard, what should I do?

You can place leaves and branches in your Food and Garden Organics bin, as long as the bin isn't overloaded and the branches are chopped into smaller sections.

Garden waste can also be taken to our Resource Recovery Centres (tips) using your tip pass. Tip passes from 2020/21 are valid until Friday 31 December.  

Larger branches can be taken to our Tree Mulching Day at Leo Dineen Reserve in Tullamarine this Saturday, 14 November. 

If an entire tree has fallen, or you cannot lift the branch, you can contact SES for assistance or engaged a tree lopper or tree surgeon. 

How do I proceed with a damage claim?

Residents who believe that Council's negligence has resulted in damage to their property and wish to lodge a claim with Council will need to put your claim in writing to the attention of the Governance department at

You will need to ensure you provide sufficient evidence, such as photographs and video that would reasonably support your claim. Council may take some time to investigate these claims, so residents may wish to refer the matter to their personal insurer instead.



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