CSL grant delivers big support for Hume not-for-profit

Published on 29 August 2022

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As a result of CSL Behring’s Community Grants program, grant recipient Victorian Arabic Social Services (VASS) will be able to deliver its vital Working Together program. 

Working Together will deliver skill-building workshops for recently arrived migrants and arrivals on humanitarian visas. It will see participants learn how to write resumes, use job search tools, gain interview skills and adapt to the work environment. It will also deliver one-on-one mentoring and specialised mental health support.  

Based in Broadmeadows, VASS provides support to people of Arabic-Speaking-Background (ASB) communities across Victoria.  

Support includes counselling, case work, referrals, advocacy, community development, mediation, and social, cultural and linguistic support to people of ASB and other culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

As one of Hume City’s largest employers, Council has had a long-standing partnership with CSL Behring through the grant program.  

For more information, read CSL Behring’s story $25,000 Grant Goes to Victorian Arabic Social Services.  

Quotes to be attributed to Cr Chris Hollow, Hume City Council:  

“Hume City Council congratulates VASS on being named recipient of this year’s CSL Behring Community Grants program. 

“As this year's grant recipient, we are thrilled that VASS will receive $25,000 to help expand on services which will empower people through knowledge and training. 

“As one of the largest employers in the local area, we’re really pleased that CSL Behring continues to support local projects through their Community Grants program.  

“Addressing social justice issues and making Hume a safe, happy and welcoming place for all is important to Council and is a guiding principle behind our support for CSL Behring’s Community Grant program.

“This program that has had an exceptionally positive impact on the local community since it was introduced in 2014."

Quotes to be attributed to Andrew Hodder, Manufacturing and Site Head, CSL Behring: 

“CSL has been running our community grant program for Broadmeadows since 2014 to support local community projects in areas that are really vital for Hume such as education and training, employment and support for early childhood and families. 

“Earlier this year, we reached out to the local community and spoke to many groups around their interests, and encouraged them to put in submissions for projects they’re working on to support the local area. 

“The community grants program is our way of giving back to the community where we operate, to connect with the issues affecting those around us and understand how we can help contribute to a brighter future for Hume.” 

Quotes to be attributed to Leila Alloush, CEO, VASS: 

“Receiving this grant and being able to run this program is invaluable to VASS, as we have had numerous young people in the community coming to our office for such support and we will now be able to have a dedicated youth worker and social worker support.   

“This has been an area that we have seen a particular increase in demand for after the past few years of Covid-19 restrictions and we will now be able to meet this. 

“This program will seek to have a positive impact for the people of Hume by supporting young people in the community to feel they have greater engagement with developing their future and identifying options and opportunities they wish to pursue, whilst developing new skills and confidence.” 


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