Hume Global Learning Centre – Sunbury

HGLC Sunbury front entrance

This contemporary building features iconic architectural design with facilities including IT training rooms, small to medium sized meeting rooms, as well as two large multipurpose rooms equipped with audiovisual presentation equipment. It also includes the Sunbury Library, a gallery and Council’s Customer Service Centre.

Venue Capacity 

Conference room - Maximum of 70 people

Two conference rooms combined - Maximum of 120 people

Four conference rooms combined - Maximum of 350 people

Meeting room 1 - Maximum of 6 people

Meeting room 2 - Maximum of 6 people

Meeting room 3 - Maximum of 20 people

Meeting room 4 - Maximum of 20 people

Meeting room 5 - Maximum of 36 people 

Meeting room 6 - Maximum of 24 people


What AV equipment is available at the HGLC?

Conference rooms

Single: LCD screen, sound, Clickshare or HDMI, 1 handheld, 1 lapel microphone.

Double: Projector screen, sound, Clickshare or HDMI, 2 handheld, 2 lapel microphone and lectern.

All Conference Rooms: 2 Projector screen with duplicated image, sound, Clickshare or HDMI, 4 handheld, 4 lapel microphone and 2 lecterns.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room 1 & 2: LCD Screen with sound and a Clickshare or HDMI connection.

Meeting Room 3 & 4: LCD Screen with sound, Clickshare or HDMI connection and inbuilt camera and microphone.

Meeting Room 5: Interactive Projector & screen along with 2 x LCD Side screens that duplicate image from projector, Clickshare or HDMI connection, inbuilt camera and microphones, DVD Player.

Meeting Room 6: Interactive Projector & screen, Clickshare or HDMI connection, inbuilt camera and microphones. Laptops and docking stations are available for external bookings. Laptops subject to availability.

Will we have access to WIFI?

Public WIFI is available, our Venue staff can provide assistance to connect your device on arrival.  


Do I need to set up the room?

We will complete the room set up prior to your arrival based on the information that you have provided to the bookings team.

What set up options are available?

We can customise the room set up based on your booking needs. We can accommodate the standard room sets up such as, boardroom, theatre, U shape, and cabaret. Our Event Supervisors can also work with you to customise your room set up.

Standard room set up options are as follows:  

Meeting Room 1
  • Round tables - 6 people
Meeting Room 2
  • Boardroom - 4 people
Meeting Room 3
  • Theatre Style - 20 people 
  • Cabaret - 24 people 
Meeting Room 4
  • U-Shape - 15 people
  • Classroom - 12 people 
  • Boardroom - 12 people 
Meeting Room 5
  • Theatre Style - 36 people 
  • U-Shape - 18 people
  • Classroom - 24 people 
  • Boardroom - 16 people 
  • Cabaret - 32 people 
Meeting Room 6

Permanent Classroom set up. 

  • Including Laptops (Laptops can be hired for external bookings) - 13 people 
  • Excluding Laptops - 13 people 
Single Conference room
  • Theatre Style - 70 people
  • U-Shape - 21 people
  • Classroom - 30 people
  • Boardroom - 21 people 
  • Cabaret - 40 people 
Two Conference rooms combined 
  • Theatre Style - 130 people
  • U-Shape - 45 people
  • Classroom - 60 people
  • Boardroom - 45 people
  • Cabaret - 80 people
Four Conference rooms combined 
  • Theatre Style - 350 people
  • Cabaret - 208 people 

Can we make an afterhours booking?

Absolutely, we can accommodate after hour bookings, however, additional charges for Staff and Security may apply. For more information please contact the bookings team on 9356 6768

What happens on the day of my booking?

When you arrive one of our Venue Officers will take you to the conference or meeting room booked. They will check that the room is set up as per your requirements, help connect the Audio visual including your computer, provide car parking permits, connect WIFI if required, show you the emergency evacuation area and go over the process of what will occur in the event of an emergency. You will be shown the tea and coffee making facilities and closet bathrooms to your room.  They will also advise how you can contact them throughout the duration of your booking. 


Do you have permanent spaces available for hire?

All of the conference and meeting rooms are available for the community to hire and are subject to availability. We do not offer spaces for permanent hire. 


Is there a kitchen onsite?

This facility has a commercial kitchen on the Lower Ground Floor. The kitchen has fridges, freezers, a stovetop and oven, 2 combi ovens and a commercial dishwasher. Extra charges apply for kitchen hire. 

Is tea, coffee and water provided?

Complementary tea, coffee and filtered water are provided with your booking, and will be available outside of your room.


What would a caterer need to provide?

Whilst we have the appliances, the caterer would need to provide their own cooking utensils for cooking including pots, pans, chopping board and knife sets.


What catering options are available?

We don't have a preferred catering supplier, however, the Event Supervisor can provide you with details of local catering businesses who have previously provided catering for our clients. 

The caterer needs to be self-sufficient on the day in preparing and serving food. Venue Officers cannot cook food provided by an external caterer. When engaging with an external caterer you will need to ensure that you have the following documentation:

  • Public Liability
  • Food Handling Certificates 

Can we consume Alcohol?

Alcohol can be served at this facility. However, if alcohol is sold a liquor licence may be required. Furthermore, all wait staff serving alcohol must hold a current RSA. We may request a copy of the liquor licence, and staff RSA's prior to your booking commencing. 

Do you provide tablecloths, crockery and cutlery?

Tablecloths can be provided at an additional cost. Crockery and Cutlery is available onsite.  Please advise the bookings team if this is a requirement for your booking. 

Is there heating and cooling available?

Within each room there is a controller to control the temperature, our Venue staff will show you how to control this on your arrival. 


Is there car parking available?

The car park for the Hume Global Learning Centre – Sunbury is located on Brook Street.
There are 2 and 3 hour parking bays available.   

Day guests who are utilising the meeting or conference rooms have access to day parking permit, day guests will be required to obtain a permit from the Venue Officer onsite. If there are no spaces available in the designed day parking permit area, guests will need to park in either the 2 or 3 hour parking areas and adhere to the signs, alternatively there is on the street car parking available on Brook Street.

This car park is patrolled by parking inspectors, please ensure that you follow the details provided on the daily permit or within the area you have parked. 

Is the facility accessible?

Absolutely, the facility is fully accessibility friendly.  On Ground floor there is also a hoist and change table.  If a sling is required, please speak with a staff member. 


Are there baby change facilities or a parents room within the facility?

Baby change facilities are located on the Lower Ground and Ground Floor. A parent room is located on the Ground Floor In the Children’s section of the library. 


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