Hume 101 Life Hack Program


The Hume 101 Life Hack program focuses on developing life skills for young people aged 16 to 24 years who are transitioning from secondary school to employment, further education or training. A calendar of life skills workshops and industry meet-ups will be tailored to the specific needs of young people.

The program will ensure young people develop skills necessary for navigating the world of work, learn about their legal rights and obligations, build their resilience as well as identify and gain transferable skills such as teamwork, adaptability, problem solving and leadership. Additionally, these workshops will provide opportunities for young people and businesses to communicate effectively and work on meeting their common interests and goals. 

The Youth Engagement and Pathways Unit consulted over 115 young people and 30 service providers to design the program. Read the full 101 Life Hack Report(PDF, 2MB)

The 101 Life Hack program is funded through the Engage! Grant Program delivered by the Office for Youth, through the Victorian State Government.