Register Your Pet

State law in Victoria requires all dogs and cats over three months of age to be:

  • microchipped
  • registered with Council.

If your pet is microchipped, this does not mean that it is registered with Council. Pet registration must be completed in addition to microchipping. 

Your pet is also required to wear their Council-issued registration tag. Your pet's registration tag means you can be contacted if your pet was ever to escape or get lost, so please make sure your pet is wearing their lifetime registration tag at all times. 

Find out the benefits of registering your pets with Council

To register your pet with Council, your pet must be microchipped and the microchip number must be included on your registration form. Proof of microchipping (e.g. microchip certificate) must also be provided with your registration form.

Register your pet online

You will receive an email with a link to pay once the information you provided has been received and verified by Council. Please ensure you also check your junk folder for this email. 

To pay, you will need to enter the Animal ID number provided in the email.

If you do not hear from us within 10 working days of submitting your application, please call us on 9205 2200 and select option 1. 

If you are unable to complete the online form, you may submit and pay your hard copy new animal registration form with Council either:

You need to pay your pet's registration by 10 April each year.

To pay or renew, simply make the payment.

Pay/renew your pet registration online

You will need to enter the Animal ID number, which is located on the left-hand side of the Notice (just below the small barcode). Please do not enter the Tag number by mistake.  

You will not receive a new registration tag each year with your annual renewal notice. If your pet has lost the registration tag you received in 2018, or the tag is damaged, please visit one of our three Customer Service Centres for a new tag.

Council charges no registration fee for guide dogs or State or Commonwealth dogs, e.g. Border Force dogs and Police dogs.

You may be eligible for a reduced registration fee if your pet is:

  • desexed
  • obedience trained
  • over 10 years of age
  • member of an approved association*
  • is a working dog
  • kept for breeding purposes at a registered domestic animal business.

Further discounted fees apply to pension concession card holders, and DVA Gold Card holders specifying either War Widow or TPI.

Health care card holders, pension concession card holders and DVA Gold Card holders can obtain a voucher for discounted desexing for your dog or cat. 

Council Desexing Voucher Scheme- To assist pet owners with the cost involved in desexing, Council offers reduced fee desexing vouchers to Hume residents who hold a concession card. The valid concession cards are:

* Health Care Card

* Pension Concession Card

* DVA Gold Card

To obtain a desexing voucher your dog or cat must be registered with Council. Once your dog or cat is registered, you will need to visit one of Council's Customer Service Offices with your concession card.

The voucher is only valid for one month from the date of issue. When you book your appointment just make sure you let your vet know you have a desexing voucher.

Current Registration Fees

Dogs Standard Fee Concession Fee Description
Full $105.00 $59.25 Dog with none of the below categories or declared menacing dogs (no concession applicable).
Reduced $36.50 $22.50 One or a combination of the following: desexed; over 10 years old; kept for the purposes of breeding by a proprietor of a Domestic Animal Business; working dog; member of an approved association*; or has undertaken obedience training* which complies with the regulations. Proof must be provided for all criteria.
Exempt Free Free Guide dogs/puppies and State or Commonwealth Dogs.
Guard Dog, Restricted Breed Dog, Dangerous Dog $335.00 N/A Restricted breed dog; declared dangerous dog; dogs kept on non-residential properties (these are automatically deemed a dangerous dog); and dogs trained to attack. There is no reduced fee for this category.

 Foster Dog                       $8.00               N/A                     

Cats Standard Fee Concession Fee Description
Full $66.00 $37.25 Cat with none of the below categories.
Reduced $24.50 $16.75 One or a combination of the following: desexed, over 10 years old; kept for the purposes of breeding by a proprietor of a Domestic Animal Business; or member of an approved association*. Proof must be provided for all criteria.

 Foster Cat       $8.00               N/A                               


*Approved Associations and Obedience Training Associations


Ensuring your pet's details are up to date is extremely important as this will help reunite your pet in the event that it becomes lost.

Below you will find useful information on how to update your pet's record. If you are updating your pet's details with Council, we recommend you also update your details with your relevant microchip registry.

I've moved house, what should I do with my animal registration?

If you and/or your pet move, you will need to notify Council to ensure your pet registration record is up to date.
If your new address is still within Hume City Council, you can submit an animal registration record update online and select 'My pet is currently registered with Hume and I wish to update my pet's address' to update your pet's address in Hume.

If your new address is not in Hume City Council, you will need to cancel your pet's registration. To do this you can submit an animal registration record update online and select 'My pet has moved out of Hume'. You will then need to contact your new local Council to organize a registration transfer. If your new Council requires proof of pet registration you may contact Council 9205 2200 to request proof of registration.

My registered pet has changed ownership/ I am now responsible for a registered animal, how do I change the owner details?

If your registered pet has changed ownership or if you are now responsible for a registered pet, the new owner will need to submit a transfer of dog & cat ownership to change the details. This is only applicable if the new owner resides within Hume City Council. If the new owner resides in a different Council you will need to cancel your pet's registration, to do this please submit an animal registration record update.

Transfer of ownership form 

My pet has passed away/is missing, how can I update my animal registration?

If your pet has passed away, please update your pet's record. This is to ensure that you don't receive any letters regarding your pet from us as we understand this may be a difficult time.

If your pet is missing, please contact Council on 9205 2200 and let us know. We will record your details and try to reunite your missing pet with you. If your pet has been missing for an extended period, please update your pet's record. To change your pet's record, please use the link below:

Update your pet registration details online

How do I find which microchip registry my pet is registered with? Simply go to the Pet Address website, all you need is your pets microchip number.

The following registries are licensed to provide domestic animal registry services in Victoria on the Agriculture Victoria website.

I've lost my registration tag, how do I get a new one? 

If your pet has lost its registration tag or the tag you have been issued is damaged, it can be replaced for free. To organise a new tag you can either complete the online form below, contact Council 9205 2200 or visit one our Customer Service Centres

Request a pet registration replacement tag